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  1. I used the crites kit. No leaks. The kit is a great deal for under $600 bucks. I have non power disc.

    My Brother is a BB fan so I built a '70 429 for his 69 FB that we are installing.


    Out of curiosity, what motor mount arrangement did you use ?, Crites ?, MPG, ?


    Did you also use their (Crites or MPG) custom headers (I've read several places they tend to leak at the collector) or did you by chance go the route of FPA or Stans?. My brother is having a set of headers made by Stan's for his 429.


    We also installed power brakes using a rebuilt booster from an 86 Aerostar and custom made and adapter block to position the booster for clearance and to mount it to the existing holes at the firewall

  2. My 69 Coupe with a 460/C6 trans weighed in at 3360lbs at a certified scale, My car has an iron block and heads, aluminum intake, full interior, 9†Posi, Torque thrust wheels and Mickey Thompson Indy profiles, non power disc brake conversion, custom frame connectors, traction bars, full tank of gas and a few tools and lawn chairs in the trunk. Next mod is a 540 stroker and aluminum heads. That should take another 60lbs off the car…Nice

  3. I bought some 194 led bulbs bulk. I put them in my 69 Mustang and my Prelude SH. The pics show the difference between the regular 194 bulb and the LED lighting up a Yogurt container. Huge difference. They are friggen awesome and blow away the regular bulbs. The dash on my 69 is unbelievable clear and defined. I need to sell off some. I have 2 types. The tower bulbs have 10 LEDs and I will sell them for $1 each with a minimum of 10 bulbs plus shipping. The regular LED 194 I will sell for .25 cents each with a minimum of 10 bulbs plus shipping. Hey when you send me money on paypal tell me what you want. I respond to PM,s that have a screen name and then the Paypal has your real name. I just got several orders at once...its confusing.

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