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  1. According to Barnett who is a builder that frequents this site and has done 50+ Mustangs: Go with 15x7 with a 4.25 backspace (back of the wheel to the mounting surface) with a 5 x 4.5 lug pattern. He recommends Specialty Wheels. At one time the shipping was $16 per wheel if ordered individually, but $50 per wheel when ordering four, so you will need to review current shipping practices. The largest tire on the front that won't hit slightly under some conditions is a P235/60R15. If you want "The Look" go with BF Goodrich TA radials with raised white letters. The second most popular tire is Cooper, which actually gets a slightly better satisfaction rating.
  2. There are lots of companies that make harnesses, but personally I like stock replacement harnesses that match the wire diagram and Ford specs. You can get those from National Parts Depot, and the company is Metal Alloy. Call NPD and tell them what model you have and they will know which harnesses you need- with or without a tach, hood turn signals, etc. Its a good idea to replace the wire forward of the firewall, because it ages with heat and the elements, however for the stuff inside the car you can get it refurbished by Randy at http://midlifeharness.com
  3. My doctor and I are avid readers, and email each other about good books we’ve read. Well, in today’s conversation I related how I was restoring my old Mustang. He’s a doctor, not a car crazed Mustang addict, so please excuse him for not knowing they came out in 1964.5. Here’s his memory: I have to tell you a very interesting story about Mustangs. It came out in 1963 or 64 if I recall, anyway, I was 3 or 4 and my Mom and and Dad and I were sitting watching the bunny eared black and white TV, and the first commercial came on for the NEW FORD MUSTANG. Well, and I remember this clear as day, after the commercial was done, my Dad got up and went into the kitchen, which was out of our line of sight. We hear the dial phone...shhhh click click click shhhh click click click, hear my Dad talking for about five minutes, then he comes back into the living room and sits back down. My Mom asks "What did you just do, Bob?" to which my Dad replied, "I just called Detroit and ordered that car on TV." No kidding. My Mom just said "Oh, OK". She was used to my Dad doing crazy stuff with cars, he loved them and owned about 20 different ones over his life. So, it got delivered, a white hard top three on the floor, and we had the first Mustang in lower NY state. I still remember that thing, we took a trip down to Florida in it, the three kids crammed in the back sitting on suitcases...what a blast. So I have very fond memories of the old Mustangs. It was a beast.
  4. OK, but they don't appear to have a website. Perhaps the reflective nature of the stripe is dazzling the camera. There is a gold center stripe, but is the main color black or some shade of gray? I like it!
  5. Nice! Is that Acapulco blue? The planes in the background remind me of the Aviation and Technology Center over near Lockheed in Marietta.
  6. Couple of nice Stangs there- whats under the tarp under the rack?
  7. Wire diagrams show you how it's wired with colors and plugs, etc., while the schematics below show you how it works by showing the internal switching of components. They also greatly simplify what the wire diagram is showing, removing the problem of not seeing the forest for the trees. All five pages showing the entire car are in the section "How To" under the post "A Real Schematic". Most of the time you really need both a wire diagram and a schematic. Interior lights are on page 2 and exterior lights are on page 3:
  8. Heck it isn't even the crack of dawn yet and I'm up already, see below Edit; this thing will print in portrait mode, letter or B size. It's from the 1969 Ford Shop Manual and is 30+ pages long. Each page is originally 11x17, which is B size. The pdf software lets you print pages individually. Mustang Wire Diagram.pdf
  9. In case you weren't aware, this is the effect that Mid and I have been jokingly eluding to:
  10. It looks like the white clip is broken off and as far as I know you need a new speedo cable
  11. ...the triboelectric effect, when a tribe of electrons band together to produce Cool Bombs. No cats are harmed in this process. A glass rod works really well too, instead of a balloon, but it looks silly to rub your cat with a glass rod (which looks like a wand), unless you're someone like Samantha Stevens. And lets face it- she was the bomb! But then she usually just used a nose wiggle. Don't know how that one worked.
  12. Yeah but we're having fun! It is a solid reference though- how long you have the amps makes a big difference... besides, I went to school with Charles.
  13. Bob, with the Motive Power Bleeder there is an adapter that replaces the top cap of the master cylinder, then the pump on the bottle shown above is used to pressurize the system. When you're done and remove the adapter isn't the master filled to the top, and doesn't that spill when the adapter is removed? I would think its likely that the top of the master cylinder isn't level and that would cause a spill when the top is removed. What is your experience- is this messy and likely to put your paint at hazard? Just asking because I'd like to paint the master so it isn't a rusty boat anchor when done.
  14. I do like that gray with black, however probably Red would appeal to more buyers.
  15. That is a Dream shop latoracing. BTW, you do incredible work- if only I had a little bit (a miniscule bit) of your skill ;)
  16. Yeah as mentioned above, a few of us know the ins-and-outs of Ohms Law. A Pertronix Flame Thrower coil can have a primary resistance of 1.5 ohms, but something like a MSD Blaster could have 0.70 ohms primary resistance. The former giving 8 amps of current flow, and the latter over 17 amps, with no way for the harness to handle it. But they sell this stuff and unsuspecting customers have problems, not realizing what they are doing. It should be noted that the coil will draw it's most amperage at idle (or starting) and as the engine speeds up, the points are closed less for a given period of time, actually lowering the coulombs (amps over a period of time). With those low resistance coils, the "run" circuit through the ignition switch and resistor wire should also be considered.
  17. Barnett says to use Remflex graphite header gaskets. He's done lots of Stangs and has good advice.
  18. Bob, with your Motive bleeder, when you take the adapter off the master cylinder, wouldn't it be full to the top and tend to run over? I guess it would be best to have the export brace off and use a C clamp to rig the adapter to the master...do you have power brakes?
  19. Really- just six weeks? Here we call it "paint jail" and it seems to take forever to get them out.
  20. Aw so you're a rock hound. I notice you collect fairly big chunks- do you make jewelry or just like being an amateur geologist? I like the Luxury Liner btw.
  21. Ridge, I wish I lived close enough to hang around your place- I could learn so much. That 53' generator/compressor is a beast. You have an impressive business. I could use that Power King. Last year I cut down about 20 trees, and that would have come in handy.
  22. This ridiculous thing should get a laugh. It is more cumbersome than Bob's sky hook, but it works to get heavy stuff up high like on the shelves. It took a while to find a square tube with a thick wall that would fit - I think this is 3/8".
  23. Yeow 950 sf! Man that was a lot of work. My first house was only 950 sf, and I'm not kidding. You can probably tell that I'm a neat freak too, so good for Pops. Great pictures- there's lots of stuff to see. You've got a good size mill and lathe, not wimpy little girly machines like mine. And, beefy vices, a huge anvil, good welders, a ceiling hoist (if my ceiling wasn't so cluttered I'd do that. I'll have to show what I did to lift heavy stuff), a tubing bender (so that's what you used to make your roll cage), and a good size compressor. Very nice- oh and a couch. Your picture reminds me- I need a good bench grinder... maybe that will be my next tool.
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