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  1. LOL! that probably explains why I can't find the A/C Unit that's on my Marti! I guess I'll have to get one, sooner, or later!
  2. No pics, the thing is on the inside of the trunk, and my camera is really bad, the only pics I have are really blurry. If it were for the tire inflator, wouldn't it have more than one reference? The sticker itself has a sequence number on it. (Stamped in Red.)
  3. Well, after a somewhat LOOONG hiatus, I'm poking around my 69 and i'm wondering what this sticker in the trunk means: "Autolite (Something Unreadable) Division Virginia Parts Depot" there's a whole bunch of stuff after that, but it's illegible at this point, the only reference I can find for this term is here. On page 141, 3Y89M 113359. Any help? TIA
  4. You got it. I wish I had seen this earlier so he could receive by Xmas. I guess a happy kwanzaaoltice =card will have to do.
  5. Not a bad ride, quite similar to mine, but I'm not a big fan of :biggrin:
  6. Don't think I'm trying to say anything bad, your 525 would beat me no matter how many legths I got!
  7. Got it for 1.39 today. I cut off the pump at $16 and found my fuel gauge at the top. They say it has to do with consumption being down. I heard China stopped using it to fuel some factories....
  8. Come back when it's fully tuned... :tt2: Apparently not...:rockon:
  9. whoa. you know that's a "beat'er" not a beater, right?
  10. That video makes me gay for back up dancers in black tights. The car isn't bad, either.
  11. Make no mistake, I didn't marry a thin girl, but can they be charged for abuse of the privilege?
  12. Whattaya think, I should call the CEO or FORD and ask for 25B to save his company?!?!? For $5000-I can fix the place for years in less than a minute.
  13. As a whole, I like it. I think Ford finally realized that they stopped making "real" Mustangs forty years ago, and they decided to move on. it looks like a 2010 car, but i don't like the hood though. It seems hard to see your corners.
  14. Man, I could use a battery charger right about now, too!
  15. leave it green, hand it to mom, and she can come pick me up.
  16. The first part of your question is that they have to 'develop' as much as they 'retro'. I've gained a new appreciation of the 91-03 models. As far as your 2015 question goes, I can't answer it for free when I could sell it to Ford for thousands. Got their number? All I know is that it won't be a Probe. I'm kinda excited about it...
  17. The green one is nice, for a girl's car. (I don't see why it's not worth more than half a new honda, though.) The GT 351? Might be an acquired taste.
  18. Now that things are out in the open... Fox.Body.Warning.
  19. The evil part is that Richard would never ask, he'd just down (his tequilla) and down (himself). That is one excellent costume, though. I haven't carved a pumpkin in years....due to federal statutes.
  20. stupid broken link. Wish I'd seen it.
  21. Truck

    69 6cyl CV

    I'd have snapped it up in a second. Imagine the mileage....
  22. Yes, the car would technically, be "a Boss 302 with incorrect 250 engine." But, in actuality, it will never be a Boss again without a 302 block, Cleveland heads, manifold, et al. The thing about this game, in my exp, is finding the line between past, present, future in this steel. Yes, it was a Boss in the past, presently, it is nothing, in the future it will be...?
  23. Ok, let's try this one...A car is born with an engine code (which is important) once the 'original' engine is gone, the buyer has few options-either replace with another engine of the 'original' type, replace with smaller type, replace with larger type. If your rebuilder chooses the middle option, you're rebuild will cost more. That is, a car that once had an R-code is more costly to do a 'like original restoration' than an F-code. Not all guys are into 'like original'-but it's a baseline to start with.
  24. One of the most 'note-worthy' looks I've seen in awhile...
  25. Weird, my coupe has the color-keyed, but it's not a GT, as far as I know. Do you know anything about the numbers of each type that had those type mirrors? Max-My point was that the seller can't claim an "s-code" without an engine. I know people have a lot of differing opinions about the 390, but if it's not there, you either have to get one, or "replace" it with something else. So whatever it was originally isn't that big a factor. (Look at the 428 FallujahMedic was looking at that had the 302 in it.)
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