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    Garage work

    Hey now! I said your rant-to-rotisserie thread was making you poster of the year, not that it was creepy! (Laser-cut parts and steerable chasis!) I'm going to go off now and play some B.B.King.
  2. Hope so, the price on the Chevy can't be that good.
  3. Truck

    Garage work

    See what I mean, Pak? First off, our threads around 69stang usually run: 1) Look at the price of this rusted hulk! 2) Help! I bought I rusted hulk! 3) What kind of 302 is this? Now, this guy comes in barking about smog-legal shorties for a late model truck! As if we even know what an o2 sensor is, VVI-timing, or ECI fuel/air mixtures! (Not that we really don't know, but it's not 69/70 equipment.) We'll just skip the 'truck' part entirely. Obviously, he's a good guy, because he went into the engine bay willingly. THEN-he throws in, as an aside-"I'm also BUILDING a rotisserie!" Gotta luv it.
  4. Truck

    Garage work

    Revhead, you've got to be in the running for best poster of the year! (I don't even know you, and I love the way you think!)
  5. I've heard that you need to harden the valve seats when you start running unleaded gasoline.
  6. !) I wouldn't bet on the glass transfering directly. I've had different Fords that needed some coddling to get the glass to fit. (not for a Mustang, but in principle, you can't assume it will fit.) 2) I've heard that there is a 'trick' to getting the most out of an FMX. it does involve getting into the "guts". But I've heard that it turns the AOD (DOA) tranny into the beast it can be. (Some tech writer online or in the prehistoric 'print' days thought that one up. AOD backwards is DOA.) BTW, I'm looking for an FMX. Apparently, mine had been replaced by the previous owner with a C6.
  7. Truck

    Ethical Dilemma

    The thing about Ohio cars is that you have to have VIN's not only for your car, but the cars you have taken parts from. (To prevent 'hacking'.) So, maybe you can get a Dynacorn body, use the old VIN as a parts car(after a title search, 'natch) and see how you can switch the VIN over from that point. So, do a title search, see if it's hot, then go from there. Best of luck.
  8. If the original project came from the Fat Albert cartoon-the intro to "The Brown Hornet" always was at maximum decibels, complete with echo. I hope that helps. Wait until the end, you'll see what I mean. @ 5:34. Naturally, you'll escape unharmed!
  9. Man guys, now we have to call it... "THE GREEN HOR-NET! HOR-NET! HOR-NET!" Sound like an awesome project, but be prepared to refer to it in such a manner.
  10. do some checking. that F hides a lot of sins. :)
  11. Truck


    No, more about how easy it is to see backwards in that "R" gear. I know, I'm one of the weird ones who drive in BOTH directions...
  12. Check page 2? There were two threads about junkyards about to cash out with 69/70's.
  13. Truck


    not bad if you're into that sort of thing. Fastbacks look really great from the outside, but I like the function of the coupe better. (No mention of the fold-down seat, tho!!!!)
  14. obviously, the problem is the point on the shark nose. Maybe that's why they hadn't been applied at the beginning. Now that i've mentioned it, you're all thinking about it, aren't you?
  15. So, here goes-maybe the most rare and innovative modification to be made-if only someone could pull it off. I'm considering using something I found in my ride when purchased. It's a crazy idea, but I've never seen one like it, so I'm wondering what we all would think of a 69 coupe (Boss hood, Mach 1 stripe) With F.O.R.D. letters. I found them, I'm just thinking if I have the minerals to use them.
  16. That may be as solid as it gets in Mississippi. I'd go the route of putting the flywheel/starter in, then plan on driving. I'd figure by the time you get the tranny moved, you'll know about the u-joints (DON'T forget the U-joints!) and the rear diff "While you're under there". (Suspension bits/grommets, etc) If those seem OK, I'd just drive a little bit, figuring an engine apocolypse can wait til spring to straighten out.. So in short, if it seems ok, road it a little-when something goes, you'll have a nice conversation piece for a few months....(Yeah, months...right!)
  17. Welcome, mama's69. Just a few pointers... 1) The questions can be as hard as you want, all answers will be simple 2) It's ok to cross-over. I've actually gotten away with wearing my Mustang Hat while in my wife's Chevy. (It hasn't seemed to notice, yet!) 3) Don't bandy-about the phrase "her-car". You will get looks and stares!
  18. Truck

    69 stang envy?

    Holy fabricated sheet metal, Batman! Interesting. I actually like the Rear QP treatment, though.
  19. Probably be better if you just wanted to trade hoods.... I wouldn't say i'd sell mine, but it would look funny to have the holes there. Where would one mount the turn lights?
  20. And if it's not the header gasket, it could be a leaking header. (Depends on the age of the beast, to be sure.) If you have new headers, maybe check to make sure they're bolted as well as can be.
  21. I've had four Fords with the same relay...they were all wired differently. The newer 3 were late 80's-early 90's and they used both the S and I terminals. From what I remember, the 69 only used one.
  22. Back OT-That system was obviously designed by the same people who paid $1B for, aparantly, 22782 Used cars. What gets me is that they throw these things in WHOLE. So all of us who have been in the Used Parts market are royally screwed. And what kind of logic does this system use? You get (up to) $4500 off of the sticker price of a new car....I went to the Local Ford dealer (natch) and the Explorer Sport Trak they were pushing had a sticker of $33K. Even if you scored up every 'bonus' they have in the books, you're looking at about $24000. Add in interest and you're probably paying $60K to 'get rid of that old clunker'. Doesn't NOT having a car payment for 7 years make up for a lot of gas and parts? (I base this on calcs I made when purchasing a F-150 that had $12000 to finance....7 years at $485/month. added up to about $49K-once you add in the $5K deposit and $1K trade in. Are we really that bad at math?)
  23. IMPOSSIBLE. 1) Buy new Camaro. 2) Put "Graves" sticker on it. 3) Bury car. At least two of those actions were wrong. You have a point about young drivers though-apparently they don't realize that a car 'that goes that fast' also has to stop, as well. RacerX-I don't have a problem with the SBF. I just don't see why they threw it in against the BB Chevy and Dodge. Maybe the Dodge is 'only' pushing 5.7L-but that seriously dwarfs the ovals 4.9. If they had used anything with Ford's 5.4 in it, I think we would have had different results.
  24. Just imagine what that will do to your street cred, tho! Sweet find, bring her back to respectability!
  25. Just imagine what that will do to your street cred, tho! Sweet find, bring her back to respectability!
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