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  1. It is correct ,all the bubbles is probably where it has lifted and may have rust started under them . Scrap it back and wire wheel the rust away but dont heat up the metal or it will warp ,you could also use a flap wheel on a die grinder . Primer and spray new sound deadner over the area
  2. There was an old saying back in school ...he who smelt it ,dealt it
  3. The black wire with the white stripe does not connect to the blue wire with the red stripe ...ask me how i know !
  4. https://www.odometer.com/car-care/2561937/sacramento-ca-makes-diy-auto-repairs-illegal/?utm_source=ofb2&utm_term=odometer
  5. Haha ,i had my shop filled before it was even finished ,but thats how it goes i guess
  6. I used to go to the wrecking yards a pull original coils ,starter solenoids ,and voltage regulators ,if the regulators were not burned out those old ones were adjustable
  7. A few years ago i had a guy drive up and ask me if i wanted an old mustang that a renter left on his property when he moved out ,didnt have to ask me twice ,i hitched up the trailer a headed over to his place ,what was an old mustang turned out to be a 1969 Mach1 with no wheels and setting on pallets . Not wanting to get to exited i took a quick glance at the vin ...hmm O code ? Loaded it up and got home to check that vin again to see that it was a Q code ,even better it was a gulf stream aqua white deluxe interior with fold down and AC. Motor and tranny was missing and about a week later i traded it for a ski boat that just had a new 429 cj and built jet put in it ,had a whole lot of fun with that boat !
  8. Wow ,now you need the old boats to go under them !
  9. I just bend over and pick them up haha . If they ban guns i will have somthing to throw at people when the try to break in .
  10. The Scott Atwater is a 1957 10 hp ,the Johnson is a 1958 18 hp electric start
  11. I bet you would like the two 1957 out boards i have then .
  12. I used it today ,cut two big trees in the garden and shreaded
  13. A bit of my rock collection ,there is a bit of everything from amathist ,tiger eye ,jade in several colors ,turquoise and much more . I keep a little in my old 1973 fan luxury liner travel trailer that i restored my self ,well the interior any way ,the outside is in un touched condition
  14. Ok ,first of all ,i aint cleaning this up ! 7 door shop i built with my dad back in the early 80s ,stuffed to the ceiling ! My boxing shipping room , my compressor room right beside it . I would show the inside of my fiberglass room but you would probably throw up haha! Just bought a new industrial shreader to keep the trees on the property from taking over ,a kubota tractor that comes in handy way more than you would think . The gantry crane is loaned out at the moment . 252 miller mig cursingly known as pop and spatter ! A new Hobart plasma cutter . There is a tig hidden behind the 69 shelby hood next to the metal lathe . Lots of chop saws ,wood and metal . My tubing bender . Bend pak 2 post lift with a 68 convert on it . 3 rotisseries , cars on two . 52 inch stomp shear and 52 inch box break . A bunch of rock cutting and grinding tools along with my home made rock tumbler . Over 300 molds ...every where !! A 37 Ford Pick up buried under some molds with a 78 Trans Am next to it . Shops are full so i bought a couple of car ports to stuff full of 56 Fords and A 69 sport roof . A Coors beer truck trailer stuffed full of parts ,both sides My 1953 generator / compressor that puts out 140 psi ,90 psi constant ,and sand blaster pots . And dont forget the old 4,000. Lbs lift fork lift . Many templates hanging on the wall . Have to load more pics later
  15. I have one. Get the bigger batteries and they will last quite a while . I use mine for tear down ,it will zip fenders quick and easy . It will handle most smaller bolts ,i have used mine to remove bumpers but any bigger bolt it probably will not touch
  16. Well, i do throw them in the right direction ,its not my fault if they dont land in the tool box ,i like to think of them as free range tools !
  17. Wayyyy to clean an organized ,how will you ever find tools if they are not laying in the floor ,please dirty up a bit and post new pics !
  18. And 67 68 parts is what they all want here!
  19. Been so busy this year i havnt had much time for anything ,had to stop taking orders because i got so back logged. Already have a years worth of work and they all want it ...NOW! A lot of the parts vendors have closed their door making more work for me ,way to much work for me ! Its been mostly cold and raining here ,may have one day in the high 60 then the next day the low 40s and raining
  20. Front end alignment shims ,although a 69 70 should not need them ,they are sometimes used to align body panels ,about the only place i have ever found them for body panel alignment is at the bottom rear of the front fenders to the rocker .
  21. You will also need the harness if yours didnt have AC originally
  22. Nope busted up ,if you can find one for a cougar they are the same
  23. Let me look ,i have one for sure but i need it ,i may have another
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