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  1. Actually the lower plates do not matter ,they only hold the carriage bolt in place,keep it from dropping through ,the bolt slides in through the big opening in the top of the tower and locks into the smaller slot ,leave all the bolts loose and set the brace in place then tighten them up . The cheaper braces do not fit well but i have not had a problem with the thick stampings
  2. 20 years of construction work have destroyed my shoulders ,i can barely lift my arms over my head with out a bunch of popping and cracking sounds . And the knees , ouch!
  3. Ah ,it was going to happen any way !
  4. Nasty reply ...nasty reply !
  5. I keep telling you ,the red wire with the green stripe does not connect to the green wire with the red stripe but will you listen ...noooo!
  6. You can move towards the front more if you place a piece of wood on top of the stand to spread out the load
  7. Mustangs can take up smoking wires at any time . I drove my 66 fast back for several years with out a problem ,one day it decided that pretty pink wire in the dash looked better black ,i still have a scar on my hand where i reached under the dash and ripped it out still smoking
  8. They are jig alignment holes for assembling at the factory ,you will find several of them all over the body
  9. I still make them ,problem is i do not have a shipper that is reasonable
  10. 550. My dealer sells them for close to 800
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