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  1. I quit and ran my own company for almost 20 years. We specialized in robotics and industrial automation (hence the call sign Robotman). Sold the company and retired in 2014. Been working on cars with my teenage boys since.
  2. It is gold and black. The black is reflective in the light. TJs is a small shop but very effective in getting what you need.
  3. My first professional job was for B&W Nuclear Technologies who later was purchased by Framatome in 1995. I left in 1997. Small world.
  4. Where in Virginia? We live in Forest right outside of Lynchburg.
  5. Terry Epperly is the owner. Great guy, very knowledgeable and helpful with anything to do with classic mustangs.
  6. We picked up Mike’s car from detailer who touched up nicks in paint and striped the car. Almost done!
  7. Will have to compare notes for sure!
  8. Moved the seatbelt bolt point on the rocker today back 3 inches. Will allow me to put seat back further. Helps for the big round guys like me!
  9. More weatherstrip area repair around door frames. 2 layer repair at each location. Very time consuming. Almost done with them.
  10. Welded in the passenger side firewall floor extension today. Time to move on to driver’s side.
  11. Did a 2 layer repair on door area drip tray trim. Typical rust close to A-pillar. Turned out pretty well.
  12. Wife helped me paint the front clip and engine bay with rust inhibitor. Turned out nice.
  13. Repaired and cleaned up torque box area on passenger side. Had rust in support rail in a few places. Will seam seal and put top back on next. Moving on to driver side.
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