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  1. Brian, thanks. Do you happen to have factory wind shield wiper reservoir installed? If you do could you send a picture of the factory location and screws. I took mine out a long time ago and want to reinstall, to get the original look again. By the way my car was a San Diego car until 1999, when I moved to the east coast...
  2. Anybody have a picture or drawing of the latch that secures the pass through door between the rear seat area and the trunk (for fastback with fold down rear seat) Seems like it would be a simple assembly, however not sure I have all the pieces. Thanks
  3. Does anyone know the mounting location for racing mirrors on 69 mustang doors. My 69 previously had the incorrect mirrors installed; the racing mirror holes are different from the previously drilled holes. Just want to ensure the I get it correct before I drill anything. A simple measurement from the front of the door to the edge of the mirror mount or mounting hole would be great. Also does anyone know the correct location for the remote control bezel on the door panel? I am assuming they can be mounted on standard door panels. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks, for the suggestion. I will definately check it out.
  5. Thanks. it is a Holley Sniper kit. So far it seems fairly plug and play. The only difficult part so far has been confirming a switched 12 volt source (only on when the engine is running) and how to route all the extra wiring required (trying to keep it as stock looking as possible).
  6. Thanks for re-posting this. It will help greatly. Since I have none of the options listed for fuse 2, I guess that will be the best and easiest location to wire the EFT power source to. Is there a method or devise recommended to plug a pig tail directly into the fuse well (instead of tapping into or splicing the wire coming off it)? Thanks gain for you help.
  7. I have a 302 with a Sniper EFI which requires a 12 volt switched power source. Does anyone know of a good and reliable source? I was looking at the back of the ignition switch, however it appears the post is not threaded and under the harness connector. Does anyone know if this could be modified or used? Drawings/diagram and or a picture of your setup would be great! Thanks in advance.
  8. You still have the template and drill?
  9. Anyone know how to wire an aftermarket radio into a 69 fastback without connecting the wires to the fuse block. I would like to splice or connect in to an ignition wire and another constant 12v wire. Anyone know which wires will work. I don't have a wiring diagram.
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