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  1. yup, that's my baby! she's awesome! never dreamed I'd be lucky enough to own a car like this. i can't thank mustangs to fear enough!
  2. this stereo system sounds amazing! I've never been big on sound systems in cars but this is like having your own concert hall. This whole stereo system wasn't very expensive but is by far the best system I have ever listened to. I'm going to have to start calling Mustangs to Fear-Bose!!
  3. we got her home on Saturday and it is absolutely amazing! The pictures look unbelievable but it's like having ultra HDTV in person!
  4. well I have talked to both Sean Hyland motorsports and Bama performance that works for American Muscle. First of all, Sean Hyland motorsports did not speak with Sean and of course I could never get to speak with Sean in person-no big shock there. But his employee, Peter, told me that Sean would have added some kind of a tune when he installed the boss 302 intake onto my coyote engine. Peter also said that he believes my dyno numbers of 366 hp and 324 foot-pounds of torque are reasonable as he said there are differences between dynos. He says that the dyno at Hyland motorsports typically reads lower then some others in the area which is why he says it's important to bring your car to the same business when you are loading different tunes so that you actually know if you are improving or not. Patrick at Bama performance told me that they would be able to send me an SCT 4 programmer that I could plug into my OBD II port and tell me what to do so that I can get the necessary information that they need out of my Ford computer. Patrick said that he is aware that SCT has some tunes created for the coyote crate engine and that it would be possible to load new tunes into the motor using the ECU provided by Ford racing in the control pack. Then it would be a matter of sending tunes back and forth by computer as Bama performance provides lifetime tunes. The only issue would be that by loading new tunes he would not have an actual dyno to show whether or not you are improving or losing with each tune that you load. All the other tunes that are offered for each vehicle with the SCT programmer has been created utilizing a dyno and the programmer and obviously he recommends not upgrading any tune on the coyote swap motor unless it is being done in conjunction with a dyno. I have no plans of trying to upgrade anything on my car until we actually get to use it anyway. I'm sure it will have enough power to put a smile on all of our faces just as Mustangs to Fear has built her!
  5. I received a call from Brent at Brenspeed the other day, he stated that he doesn't think that there is much else that can be done as far as tuning goes. He said that Noe's car and my car have basically the same drivetrain and the exact same motor excluding the boss 302 intake. He said seeing as how the results were five horse power difference he doesn't think that tuning will create much greater results. Both cars had the TKO 600 transmission with the same gearing, and a posi traction rear end with the same gearing. Although Noe's car had 17 inch wheels and mine had 18 inch wheels, the overall diameter of the wheels were basically the same. So Brent believes that both cars are performing at their maximum considering the drivetrains. Brent says that the boss 302 intake is meant to make more horsepower after 6500 RPM in the higher revving boss 302 engine. Because the boss 302 intake is on a normal production coyote engine, there is negligible results. In fact, Brent said they usually find that adding the boss 302 intake to the normal coyote motor actually decreases performance over the stock engine, but there is an extra cool factor when you open the hood.
  6. I called Brenspeed in Indiana where Rich took my car for the dyno numbers and I was told that the computers that come with the coyote motors are not like a typical computer that is installed in a production model Mustang. The owner/tuner named Brent is supposed to call me back and let me know if it's possible to tune on the control computer for the coyote crate motor. The guy I spoke to was unsure if purchasing one of their SCT 4 programmers and one of their tunes would work with my computer or not.
  7. Sean Hyland motorsports in Canada installed the Boss intake on to the stock coyote motor and I'm not sure if he modified the tune at all? Mustangs to fear installed their own cold air intake and their own long tube headers and exhaust system from stainless works. As far as I know the actual computer tune has never been altered from stock. Thanks for the information! I will have to look for sure…
  8. Rich and Michele of Mustangs to Fear took my car to the 50th anniversary of the Mustang in North Carolina and they have been approached by the Modified Mustang & Fords magazine to do an article on my car!
  9. That car was built by Gateway Classic Mustangs on Hot Rod TV:
  10. there are many places out there now that are making the swap easier. Places like Rod and custom motorsports and total cost involved have front end kits that are specifically designed for the coyote motor.
  11. thanks for the information, can you elaborate more on what you mean by "supporting mods".I already have the cold air intake, long tube headers etc.
  12. I keep trying to zoom in on the Dyno run for another car with a stock Coyote and you can easily see that the second run produces 361.61 hp while mine is 366.25 hp with the Boss 302 intake. On stock Coyote all of first run you can see that it had 357.57 hp and I have watched the video several times trying to see the torque numbers on both runs. I think on the first run it shows that the stock car had 342 foot pounds of torque where my car with the Boss intake only has 324 foot pounds of torque. I'm not sure if rich can call the operator of the dyno and ask him for the actual torque numbers to verify? But I paid $500 for the Boss intake kit from Sean Hyland Motorsports and the guy included the computer update in the price. It seems to have added close to 5 hp but has 18 foot-pounds less torque than the stock Coyote motor which is very disappointing. It's definitely way off what Ford racing claims. Stock dyno run: Boss dyno run: 366.25 hp, 324.11
  13. Thanks for the complements of my dream car everyone. Rich and his gang built exactly what was pictured in my mind for years and made it a reality! They are great people! They don't build a lot of cars each year but that is what ensures each build has such high quality. Can't wait to get it home to Canada! There's nothing like it this side of the border guaranteed!
  14. Here are some pictures of the matching door panels and other pieces. Even my overhead console had a carbon fiber insert although it's very hard to see the photos. Floor console also had carbon fiber inserts that are kind of hard to see in the photo as well.
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