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  1. Actual mustang II? At least the crossmember looks to be a factory piece. Hubs are 5 lug though.
  2. Still looking good! I would love to vacation in France. My paternal ancestors immigrated from northeastern France (Zittersheim) in the 1700s
  3. RogerC

    Postimage down?

    Its working now. ????
  4. Had just referred a friend to my build thread and discovered a lot of my pics not showing up. Tried going to postimage site and its not loading. Anyone else experiencing the same?
  5. I have the DS502 for the rear, same as 501s but poly bushing mounts. 501s are bearing mounts.
  6. Probably this bracket which has threaded holes through the rod above the column.
  7. I have 2 of his books, Lives of the Signers of the Constitution and Original Intent. Both good reads and highly recommended.
  8. Westinghouse Marketeer 531 electric mini cart The company was cleaning out some storage in one of our buildings and also closed a division of the company due to loss of a contract with Navistar. I asked the company president if it was something I could buy off the company. He said he'd be happy if I'd just take it.
  9. Just the sportsroofs due to limited trunk space
  10. This is exactly my thinking. Painted the backside of the lower dash white for the same reasons.
  11. Wilwood has kits for OE disk brake cars. Probably depends on whether the kit is same size as stock or if you're upgrading to bigger brakes. A quick call to Wilwood should get you an answer regardless.
  12. Went with the smaller round lights down below. Added cut outs for the LED Audi A4 front marker lights. Wet sanded with 230 wet and re-primed using some leftover spray bomb primer. Most of that will get sanded off.
  13. Stripes are a personal taste kinda thing. They look fine on 69s just not my taste. That gold car looks pretty sharp, more of a 70 style stripe. I say if you're considering stripes look at as many online as you can. If you see something that talks to you, duplicate it, if not don't do them. I didn't like the rocker stripes on my 06 so I took them off, however, I created rocker stripes for my 69 I will have done.
  14. Yup, should be parallel. The wheelbase being 108" and his left side measuring 109" and have a twisted shock tower sounds like the problem. I don't think shimming is going to fix being an inch out though. Maybe a frame shop can square it up.
  15. Thanks Bob! Don't think I'll be making another anytime soon. If I had more space than my tiny garage it wouldn't take so long to do but that's my own fault. I was concerned in the beginning it wouldn't look right but seeing it on the car at this stage (not quite done yet) confirms to me it blends well with the car's styling.Too many times in this hobby people tend to add trendy features to a car that doesn't blend well with it's styling. IE, Elanor features don't work with every year of mustang.
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