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  1. + Ridge Runner. The lower plate has nothing to do with installing the export brace.
  2. Lucky me a good friend has one at his house, 10 blocks away, that I can use anytime. Never had the need but nice to know I can use his. Brian
  3. Pictured is an original panel and yes no access holes. I measured the back seat to get an idea of where the bracket should mount. Also a ' dry fit ' to make sure the post would not contact the very thin fiberglass post opening. Brian
  4. OK The purpose of the clutch fork question is to ascertain the amount of travel it, the fork and throw out bearing, has going forward, toward the clutch levers/pressure plate, or back toward the trans. With the lower spring off and the adjustment rod removed how much fork and throw out bearing travel is there along the trans snout ? Does the fork and bearing slide easily ? In the picture you can see the fork and bearing assembly. Forward of the fork and bearing is the levers that activate the pressure plate. Not in the picture is the trans snout that the assembly rides on. Brian
  5. OK suggestion one and a starting point; remove the lower spring, not the firewall spring or the pedal support spring, and wiggle the clutch fork back and forth. You may need to loosen the adjusting/lock nuts to do this. This will tell you if the fork is riding on the throw out bearing or not. If you know; what clutch do you have ? Stock after market ? Did you install the clutch or trans ? Are the Z-bar supports (equalizer brackets), frame rail and engine side in place and secure/tight ? Others will get on board with other trouble shooting ideas ? Brian
  6. For the ' free play dem ' the Shop Manual suggests .136. For your purposes and for now that should be slightly less than 1/8". About the firewall spring my method is to tie a 3-4 foot length of cord or similar to the Z bar end and let it hang loose or on the ground, Attach the other end of the spring to the firewall. Retrieve the loose end of the cord and get it into the engine bay in the correct location above the Z bar. From there you should be able to pull the cord/spring and make the spring attachment to the Z bar. Brian
  7. Diagram from the 69 Shop Manual Vol. one pg. 05-03-02. Should hold the answers to you questions ? Are the parts we are talking about here stock/original equipment ? About the pedal sticking; If you have all three springs and they are located correctly then I suggest you loosen the nuts on the adjustment rod until the pedal pops up on its own. Won't take much. Brian
  8. Thank you. As you know this view is virtually impossible to see in a running BB car. Brian
  9. So any history of this photo ? 69 BB ? Thanks, Brian
  10. Couple of pictures, 69 Mustang, that may be of some help ? Brian
  11. ... and then there's this nifty little must have vacuum tester
  12. The wheel back space is pretty important info with the tire wheel combo you selected. Did not think a 285 tire would fit. Now I know. Thanks for the post. Brian
  13. An original AUTOLITE gas cap will have three springs total; top, bottom and center. Brian
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