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  1. can you text me pics of ''Fast Back pass side window stainless holds qtr. weather strip, new weather strips included, $35", 302 fourtwo3 1405 thanks
  2. Just need the lock portion I have the handle already, also if anyone has an extra radio bezel? For a 69 Thanks Eloy
  3. Having an issue getting the speedo to work, it won't set up right for some reason I'll get pics of the gauges tonight
  4. We'll she is done for the time being, still have a bunch of little things to finish but it runs!! I have 1400 miles on it now, Utah to Texas. Heck I even almost witnessed a tornado.
  5. Well finally got some work done to it, I also just ordered a complete wiring kit from American Autowire. So it looks like I will be sweating my rear off this summer till I can afford the ac lines. Guess it was good I sold my daily driver, going to miss my little Civic even though it was slow :)
  6. Hill AFB, UT 84056. I owe someone some measurements also. I have had family come in so I haven't been able to get to it.
  7. I'll measure in the morning, its only one the other is from a trans am. It was from a 351/c6 combo. I will ship out the shafts and spring perches in the morning. thanks again
  8. ebrake and spring covers were shipped out today, I will PM tracking numbers I left the receipt at work. I made a whoping $4 off you guys together, LOL. shipping was more then expected.
  9. Parts will ship in the morning, I have to see if the strut rods can fit in a prioritty box if not I might be able to stick them in a tube and get a good shipping quote to you tomorrow when I ship the other parts
  10. Sounds good, I'll pull them off and throw them in a flat rate box. So lets say $20 shipped for both.
  11. Yes, paypal account is eloyn7@yahoo.com just remind me what you are buying and make sure you have your correct address with it. Thanks again
  12. I think the ebrake pedal and coil spring covers will fit in a flat rate box so i think $15 tops to ship plus $ of part.
  13. Here are a bunch of things sitting under bench that need to go rather then throwing them in my recycle bin. like the title states $5/piece plus shipping Driveshaft Springs Ebrake pedal more stuff lol
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