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  1. Welcome to another Noc Cal member.
  2. This episode aired last Friday on Velocity. Talk about drama. One guy purposely broke to windshield to create drama and get Bernie all fired up. If you pay attention though the windshield that is tested on the Mustang has a shaded band and a rear view mirror. The one he drops (more like throws) is a late model windshield with the dark band all along the sides. Also the smoke from the engine compartment looks totally fake like a smoke bomb laying underneath the car. Car looks pretty good but they obviously cut corners. And that motor is not making the exhaust note that came out of the television. It is definately dubbed in.
  3. This week a '70 SportsRoof won My Ride Rules. Last week a '69 coupe won. Guess people are finally realizing the "beauty" of these Mustangs.
  4. For a modified car those wheels were out dated. Though it was a nice car there are alot more cars on this forum alone that are nicer.
  5. Any one watch My Ride Rules tonight on Speed? The winning car was a '69 Mustang coupe. It beat a Cobra replica, Ram Pickup and a Scion TC. The Scion TC owner was an ahole. He made alot of comments like all Mustangs are the same and Fords can't stop.
  6. I have a Dustop. You can get one from California Car Cover or even JC Whitney.
  7. So are you still saving the Grande or moving on to this new car?
  8. If you are dealing with an repro molding those things have a tendency of not wanting to stay on properly.
  9. If you are dealing with an repro molding those things have a tendency of not wanting to stay on properly.
  10. After dealing with a supervisor I was paid a fair settlement and then I let my Grundy insurance lapse when it came up for renewal in late August. I have since signed up with Hagerty and I'm saving approximately $300 a year to boot.
  11. 69grandecj

    Boss 429

    On the show Gearz, Stacy David is putting one of those motors in a '68 Cougar. They even went to the facility that builds those Boss motors on one episode.
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