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  1. I realize they took some work, but the ProCars look right at home in there.
  2. Keep us updated Mike, I am looking forward to your build.
  3. Nice to see a clean yellow 'Stang being treated right!
  4. Sounds great, perfect combination with the Borla mufflers. :)
  5. You are very skilled with your metal work, nice job.
  6. Love the seat covers, are you installing them yourself?
  7. Those wheels are perfect for showing off those Baer brakes!
  8. It's always enjoyable watching and following people's builds, but it is especially nice when they add detail and work through certain things step by step. Great job! Love the progress.
  9. Most of the time these shows are completely unrealistic in terms of what the final product might actually be, but none the less it's always fun to watch car shows on TV. :)
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