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  1. @70 Mach 1 if ur experiencing what vert69 is having in the photo, you'll need a ps ram drop bracket, do not get the regular steel ones as they tend to break/bend which could damage the frame rail. I have long tubes, with a an external hydraulic clutch from Modern driveline and the drop bracket clears my headers, never seen shorty headers not able to clear the stock mount ps ram. I currently have this installed: https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/e5h21.html and had it welded in a few areas so it wouldn't flex on the frame.
  2. I follow this channel in youtube and I thought this was very interesting, this may and possibly save the gasoline engine:
  3. No worries Phil! would you be able to provide a photo of the header? just curious on how it looks. Also, no prices from the site had to call but no answer, will try again tomorrow.
  4. ugh, I envy your engine bay.. can you share what type MC you are using?
  5. Hi @Alan_Mac & @Phils69 would you happen to take a pic of your FPA header clearance? on the driver side? would to see how they fit. Looks like headers are on my next purchase list and want something more clean. read many good things about FPA was wondering whats the price range on your headers? and was it easy access to the spark plugs or did you have to remove the headers from the cylinder heads to access the spark plugs? Thank you!
  6. that sucks! reminds me of this video how you can't purchase and install tesla parts yourself and need to take it to a service center.
  7. I have the Weind Stealth intake when I had my 393w stroker. I had no issue with hood clearance.
  8. Received my Brembo Cobra R Calipers last Friday but the right caliper corssover brake line was damaged during shipping. Luckily, LMR is sending a replacement caliper from Brembo.
  9. I have not really measured the distance and I only drove around the block, it is very bright compared to my Scott Drake halogens. However I did take pictures of the high and low beams are the attached photos below. someone on VMF created a thread about LED/Halos and I posted them there, Dapper lighting shared some insight that my setup had to much glare due and their kit was far superior. you can view that discussion here: https://www.vintage-mustang.com/threads/led-headlights-with-halos.1185055/page-2 I just felt their kits wasn't worth the $300-400 and he danced around some questions, so I didn't like their design. Almost all headlights will show some glare, but overall Im happy with my purchase.
  10. Thanks RPM, After looking at all the options, I was between SOT or Mustang Steve KIT, so I decided its best to stay with the OEM stuff. I wanted to pull the trigger for 14" Brembo adapter kit with Mustang Steve but I like how the 13"s rotors fit with my car. maybe down the line ill buy and upgrade to 14" brake kit but felt the 13" brake kit was sufficient in what I wanted to do with the car. since wheel Clearance is a huge issue when going with 4-6 piston calipers I decided to do some digging and found 2000 cobra r calipers might be the one, only a few places carry the kit and Ford Of Europe still sells them. after reading this link: http://www.terminator-cobra.com/brakes & wheels.htm and reaching out to a few owners on a few new edge forums who have this kit, the mount points are the same as the PBR Cobra calipers and retains the 13" rotor which is the mach/cobra rotors. The Vintage Venom Kit I have has the same mount points as the new edge and same rotor size, so it stays within the OEM specs. so hoping this should be an easy swap or I would need to create a new set of brackets like you created. only difference between mustang steves kit, is my kit has spacer that rides between the rotor hat and hub to accommodate the new edge track width and requires me to run 99-04 wheels so this helps me keep the fr500s. Currently bought a set of Cobra r Calipers from LMR and should be here within a few days. will update soon and possibly create a new thread on this install.
  11. your right there is no core charge, Im wondering if these calipers will fit my vintage venom brackets 99-03 brake kit. looking at RPM's Brembo Mustang Steve kit is looking real nice, so looks like im between this or the ATS Caliper you recommended. Im also on the fence on purchasing these but not sure if the mounting holes would be the same: https://lmr.com/item/M2300X/1996-04-Mustang-2000-Cobra-R-Front-Brake-Rotor-Kit
  12. Hey RPM, any chance you can provide photos of how the brake set up is mounted and plumbed? any install issues or modifications?
  13. I currently have front and rear Vintage Venom 13" Cobra drilled/slotted Brakes with a midland vacuum booster. my 408w is currently being built with more power, so I wanted feedback on these kits if it makes sense to upgrade or keep the original front brake setup and change the pads. the car will be street driven and I have taken the car to some auto cross events, but I do see some limitations with the current brakes.
  14. Hey everyone! Happy Easter | Good Friday! anyone have any experience with Wilwood or SOT 4 piston or 6 piston front brakes? how was the install? are you happy with the braking performance? did you stick with the stock wheel studs are went with ARP long wheel studs? Im jumping between both Wilwood and street or track front disc conversation.
  15. Thanks all, I was going to move forward with the the 427w stroker by going with SHP Dart Block but seems Dart discontinued it as they moving forward with a new version called the Iron Eagle but this will take a few months to get due to pre-orders. So I decided to rebuild my current block and go with a 408w w/ AFR 205s
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