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  1. No he did not. Laggard, but I expected he'd not send one.
  2. I can also refurbish the underhood headlight harness for much less than the reproductions. The alternator and engine gauge feed (oil, water, coil) are better bought as reproductions.
  3. I'm moving out near Casino del Sol mid-May (all in town...sort of...). Actually, Panama City Beach is the Redneck Riviera. Never heard of "Sam and Shines"... Don't send anything until the end of may when my move across town is over and done with.
  4. OMG! I hope you tightened that nut on the accessory post and used a second nut as a jamb nut! You should be reported to the wiring Gods as a derelict. *G*
  5. You're more than welcome. It is often that another set of eyes/mindset can troubleshoot things better than the one experiencing the problem. The main reason why I am on this and other forums, as well as my wiring refurbishment business, is that I really enjoy trouble-shooting from a distance. Having a detached perspective (e.g. a dirty mind laying in the gutter) and helping people out gives me great satisfaction out of life. That, and a good brand of whiskey...
  6. What about me? I'm putting your name in my little black book...
  7. Bottom row (with pins almost in a straight line), front facing you: right: black/blue, center: green/yellow, left: yellow (horn) and green/red Center row: right: red/orange left: black/yellow Top row: left: black/orange (main power), center: brown and sometimes blue/red, right: blue/red
  8. Oh man...you guys are killing me! Since when was it not custom to take a thread off the rails?
  9. The dash voltage regulator has nothing to do with the dash lamps, only the power for the gas, oil, and water temperature. LED's melted? How strange...I'd examine the sockets very carefully. Be careful replacing the circuit board, as it will be easy to inadvertently ground the gauges against the metal dash cluster housing because you can't see underneath the insulating pads and the circuit card when you tighten the nuts on the gauge posts.
  10. If you put the top down (is down in the stowed position or in the upright position so it covers the interior? I've never figured out what top up or top down represents), your headroom becomes almost unlimited.
  11. Midlife

    I blame RPM

    What actually happened is that the website starter solenoid welded itself shut and fried the points feeding the 'puter memory chips.
  12. Midlife

    I blame RPM

    Who else would overload the server? Hmmmm?
  13. Coulombs: definition: an electrical term which is a contraction for Cool Bombs, which happens when you rub your cat with a rubber balloon and get sparkies. It's the bomb , for sure!
  14. But of course! It is what keeps me (in)sane. http://midlifeharness.com
  15. No, only got hit once. We didn't evacuate because we didn't think the storm would intensify so rapidly. We ended up about 10 miles from the eye.
  16. I dunno...he may be the richest guy here. If he was that smart, he'd use that space to plant money trees. And..no stripper pole? Shame on you, Lataracing!
  17. Well, look who showed up after 2 years! Glad to see the old beast still rampaging across France. After Hurricane Michael, I moved to Tucson, AZ. Come on out and see strange cactus that are found nowhere else. Oh, and bring some good French wine, eh?
  18. A poster on the concours Mustang site said he had a bad starter solenoid and opened it up to see how it worked. He found an 18 gauge wire hooked to the I post internally. Yikes! It's a wonder that starter solenoids don't have reliability issues like turn signal switches, horns, or points.
  19. I think it does happen more often, but I think folks won't say so on the Internet due to embarrassment. This also is a big problem with the AMK Concours Starter Solenoid, which has the sticking problem and should be avoided at all costs.
  20. Well, to be technically accurate, the pink resistor wire is also a voltage regulator. In fact, it is a self-regulating current-choke in that the more current that passes through it, its resistance increases, which decreases the voltage and current passing through it. A very clever device indeed.
  21. I had a customer just 2 weeks ago that fried a wire at the starter solenoid. What was unusual was that it was the I (Ignition) line, typically brown or red/green. First time I heard of this problem in 13 years of working on harnesses. Scratched my head a bit, and came up with a reason, but I wasn't too happy with the explanation. This line burned half-way through the harness. Yesterday, another customer called me with the identical problem! After some back and forth, he confirmed that it was the I line that got fried. This one got fried all the way to the connector to the underdash harness. What is further unusual, is that both were 1967's (Yes, this is a 69/70 forum but hold that thought...) Both customers had starting problems: #1 ran out of gas, and cranked the car excessively trying to get it to start. #2 cranked the car, but the starter solenoid stuck (welded itself inside the solenoid). Hmmm...a clue here! Both cases had the wire insulation burn as though it was a short. But...that line goes to the coil, so there shouldn't be a short when one is sending 12V to the coil. But there is...the coil is only 1.5 to 0.6 ohms (depending upon model) and from there it goes to the points. Now then, the points are closed (grounded) 7/8ths of the time, and 1/8th of the time they open allowing high voltage to leak from the coil to the spark plugs. The majority of the time, the points act as a ground. Aha! Sending 12V through a 1.5 ohm system yields 8 amps of current through an 18 gauge wire, enough to cause the wire to get hot and insulation to burn off. So there you have it...the reason why one is told not to excessively crank the starter is not related to the starter or the battery, but to prevent excessive current from passing through a thin wire for longer than a couple of seconds. This is also the reason why aftermarket ignition systems want to use 14 or lower gauge wires from the I post to their system. And this has nothing to do with the year Mustang: they all will exhibit this problem if the starter sticks or you crank the car excessively at one time. I bet you didn't know this, eh?
  22. Please do not shake the container of DOT 5: it is highly susceptible to entrained bubbles.
  23. What are extractors? What we call easy-outs?
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