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  1. I used used punch cards as book marks until the Amazon Kindle came out... They are also quite useful for ad-hoc length markers: mark any appropriate length you want and use it where metal rulers are either too big or aren't allowed. When going out to sea and measuring printed fathometer outputs, we used a ten-spacer to mark up punch cards that could be put onto the electrostatically burned paper and read depths down to 2 fathoms accuracy.
  2. Actually, I use both! Now where did I put that pocket protector?
  3. I need to raise my slide-rule as well...
  4. That problem is due to a very bad design issue by Ford (which was corrected in following years). There are no true grounds for the side marker lamps, instead the lamps light up when there's a difference in voltage between the turn signal and the running lights. This means that the turn signal lines or the running light lines act as a ground and that there is voltage/current bleed-through from one to the other. This makes trouble-shooting near impossible. Bad Boy, Ford, Bad Boy!
  5. Nah, they'll think it is one of those road runner birds.
  6. Dang Whippersnappers. Wait until you're 69, and then I'll listen to your complaints. OK...who hid my walker? And you kids over there: get off my gravel front yard or I'll throw a cactus at you!
  7. Now where did I put my copy of the "Anarchist's Cookbook"? Life's a bitch when you get old and can't remember stuff...like did I really shut down the 69 forum? Did I remember to put my teeth in so I can hear things? Why in the world am I wearing my pants backwards? *sigh*
  8. I'm not sure that would work. Yes, you can bypass the turn signal switch for brake lights, and convert one bulb to turn signal only and the other to brake lights. The problem lies in the side marker lamps which don't have a true ground, but compare voltage of turn signals to running lights.
  9. Turn signal and stop lamps are combined together in the turn signal switch. There's no easy way to disentangle the two when the two signals share the same filament. The stop lamp signal is a green wire, 2nd from the end on the bottom interior curve. The rear turn signal leads are green/orange (left) and orange/blue (right) at the turn signal switch.
  10. We were younger, thinner, and smarter back then...
  11. That's it! RidgeRunner: you are hereby sentenced to spending the rest of the summer suffering in the California heat wave. Enjoy the AC while you can...
  12. One more nasty reply, and I'll shut the forum down again!!!
  13. I didn't do it! I swear on a stack of Camaro manuals!!!
  14. Being an electrical engineer, you know exactly how randomly the smoke jeannie can escape the wiring: always at the most imoportune time.
  15. Be sure to put black electrical tape on the back side of the TS switch to cover the rivet heads, as they can short out against the steering column, which is chassis ground.
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