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  1. Thanks guys for getting back to me with some ideas. Yes I have checked the LED light to see if it dose work and it dose light-up when I put it into a different socket. I have try ed putting a regular bulb back in to the dash blinker socket and still not working. Yes my horn is working fine. So the only thing I can think is that for some reason the socket for dash blinker light is not reciving power or the circuit is shorting out some were before the blinker light socket? Any Ideas?
  2. Evening Well I have my self a slight issue with the dash light turn signals not working when I flip on the turn signal arm. But the tail lights and front indicator lights are blinking. Vehicle stats as follows: 1969 mustang convertible 302 v8 12V system What I have done recently to the dash and instrument cluster is replace the flexible circuit with a new one and the IVR ( instrument voltage regulator ) also I have replace all the dash lights with new LED blubs including the bulb sockets. I have bench tested the gauges and lights and they work. I have test the main wire harness connection that fits into the flexible circuit board and I am getting power. Also when I flip the turn signal arm I get power at the dash conection and it makes my test light blink. I have take a working dash light out and put into the blinker and still not working. I have flipped the LED bulbs around to check for polarized direction. I have replace the flasher and the 4amp fuse in the fuse block. At this point I am confused and pulling my hair out. My only other thought would be the turn switch in the steering column, is there something in there that would affect the dash light from not working? but still let the vehicle light work? Any help or thought would be much appreciate. Thanks
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