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  1. Do you have a link to the pedal, master cyl, and booster you sell? Would love a one stop shop for this. I've been looking for Manual pedals on ebay, but most are pretty rough.
  2. Hey @newstang, You're build is amazing. I'm in the process of putting an '04 Mach1 Motor in my '70. I had a few questions for you... 1. What Brake master did you use? 2. What pedals are you running (if its the factory pedals, is the the power brake or non power brake pedals?) 3. Were you forced to run the factory exhaust manifolds due to the lack of clearance near the steering shaft?
  3. I had a hard time finding these too, and ended up a left off Ebay, and the right one off a member here :) Good luck!
  4. I'm in for one of the version 2.0 models as well! :)
  5. Hi everyone! I finally dug out of all the snow! :) I'll update my build thread one of these days, but I've been off for nearly a year since I moved back to NY. The car has been in storage since my wife and I were renting with no room for the "toys". We're finally closing on a house this summer, so hopefully I'll have more updates once we get settled in a few months. I've still been stalking here occasionally though. Although the spam at the old site was crazy, I like the change, but the color scheme SUCKS!!! Too much white!
  6. Very curious to see how you mount the pedals! I was looking at the same system, but maybe doing the floor mounts!
  7. Great color on yours! Love that chopped '69, but not sure I'm a fan of only doing 2 taillights. That's what makes it a mustang IMHO!
  8. Is it me or does the pic from the back look like the color is photoshopped????? It doesn't match the shade of the door at all! (I know paint fades, but it doesn't change color codes)
  9. Looking good. Check my thread. I'm going to be running a VERY similar setup.
  10. Well after looking at more pics I saw that you CAN mount the column without having to put the dash in, so I went that route. I cut off the pedal support bracket I needed since I won't be using those pedals for this car: Then you have to cut the rag joint off the end of the steering shaft, insert the DD shaft, and weld it. This was a tricky weld since you're welding the solid shaft into a thinner wall tube with gaps on the flat part. This was the first real important weld I've had to do on the car, and I was pretty satisfied with it! :) This now allowed me to hook up the steering for the first time since this car was stripped down in 1995!!! I also slapped a fender on just to see how slammed it is at its lowest settings! haha
  11. Would Torino ones be the same? http://www.ebay.com/itm/70-71-Ford-Torino-Fairlane-GT-Cobra-Mercury-Cyclone-Montego-Trunk-Hinge-Brackets-/271463439971?pt=Vintage_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3f347b5e63&vxp=mtr
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