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  1. Thanks guys! Yeah, it’s getting there :)
  2. Been a while since I updated. Car has been painted and assembly has started along with continued restoration of suspension.
  3. And the work has progressed. Done media blasting and now it’s time for metal fabrication and rust repairs! And in parallel with that refurbishing of details and rebuilding the engine is going on.
  4. Hey Fvike! Thanks Yeah, saw you followed me on insta. Cool :)
  5. Hey Dave! No worries :)! I sure am a member of the 428CJ forum as well! And some others too. Sometimes it’s hard remember were I read something good! Might have to start saving the links. Thansks for tip sir! //Mattias
  6. Car is more or less totally emptied out now. Planing the logistics around soda blasting and getting it to the metal workshop for rust repair.
  7. Fenders off and the car is more or less ready for soda blasting and fabrication. Getting there :)
  8. I’m with ya guys :) And of course thanks!
  9. Thanks for the info! Appreciate it! and will def. pass the info along!
  10. I’m in the process of removing paint. I’m using Frost Strip Gel, works great I think. IMG_0206.MOV
  11. Thanks! Hehe, yeah. That’s what I heard too. I sure will :)
  12. Hi all! Giving a shout out from Sweden. Been in the forum for some years but haven’t had a Mustang since 2014. Recently came across a barn find here in Sweden. And got it for a price I just couldn’t resist including shit load of parts. It’s a 69 Mach-1 R-code, my dream car. It was I fairly good shape when I bought it but I knew there was a lot of stuff to do to it. It ran, very nice interior and so on. Could see hidden bondo repairs, that turned out really bad. Most of the car is original, the engine for instance. Have started to tear it down, the engine is at the machining shop, the original crank turned it to be a bit crocked, so looking for a “new” one. Found 2 build sheets when I removed the front seats, one in good shape and the other one not so good shape, so my plan is to let it stay there, maybe but a clear coat over it :) and yeah, if you wanna follow my Mach 1 Instagram: the_69Mach1_resurection Will most likely use this forum a lot more from now on. cheers! //Mattias
  13. Hey Danno! thanks for the input. It’s a bit difficult over here to get hold of all necessary bits and pieces so that’s why I’m selling as is. I do have a 69 column too with more parts to it, but I’m keeping that for a while :) //Mattias
  14. Selling a tilt-away column from 1968 in good shape but need some TLC. I´m located in Sweden so shipping will be added and need to be considered. Can consider trade or partial trade for 428CJ parts, crankshaft, crankpulley, flexplate and/or oilpan. Accepting bids, reasonable ones.
  15. A bit OT but, "THE EVIL TW1N" , You have an awsome ride!!
  16. Appreciate all the input and opinions from you guys! :thumbup1: Great to see some of your beautiful cars and how they sit too! Great forum this is!! Here´s a pic of how the stance was when the car was in the states, before I bought it. The rear shackles were 8-10" long and crappy bushings.. Also a pic of the difference between old and new springs. I thought it would lower the car more.
  17. I haven't done an alignment yet, just got it out of the garage :) .. Going to have it done the coming week. As it sits now it has a sick +camber.. And like some of you guys say, I will consider lowering it a tad more in the front.
  18. I guess that was what i was hoping for. Nice "shoped"! I'll let the springs settle and see if they set a bit lower! I'll post a pic of the difference between old and new springs when I get home.
  19. Thanks! I have 15" wheels and 225/70 tires if I remember correct. I'd like a bit wider in the back though. I agree, the spinners look good on those 500's :)
  20. Another pic more from the side..
  21. Ok guys! What do you think about this stance? Got new UCA/LCA, shocks front and rear, 620 1" lowering in front. 4.5 leaf mid-eye in the back. I know the car stands in a small down hill location ..
  22. HA HA.. I win!! Got the crap off yesterday, thanks to a dremel tool and these cutting wheels. Cut the spring with the dremel and with the spring and bushing out of the way Iet the grand master grinder do its job to cut the bolt off!! I´m happy to say that the new springs and shocks are in place!!
  23. Well worth a prize! Thanks for all the tips guys!! I´ll go at it tonight and hopefully the new stuff will be on the car tomorrow!!
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