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  1. Yes a section of the frame (about 12”) had to be reshaped to match the wheel tub.
  2. Got the TCP tubs that are shaped like originals these add 2” and combined with the narrow leafs from Evergreen allow a 315 tire with enough clearance to avoid any rubbing. I did narrow the rear seat backrest, removing a section from the middle and reinforcing the joint. I also have a narrowed axle because I wanted the wheels to have dish.
  3. It’s a barn find (old drag racer) I found years ago, I just “finished” (hate that word) restoring/modding the car last year, the previous owner passed last year and I feel terrible he didn’t get to ride in it while alive (social distancing), His wife and I did take his ashes to church on the car. Mods are: Mini tubs & narrow leaf springs, hotchkis suspension, BMW M3 front brakes, GearVendor OD, TMI seat covers, ClassicAAir A/C, it has a fairly stock 428SCJ (just a different cam and minor portIng and blueprinting)
  4. I repaired the shifter on my 69 SCJ, when restoring the car I decided on using the original ford shifter (not my best decision) but I kept missing second gear and grinding reverse, after disassembly I found both the sheetmetal and wire springs to be broken, so I got a kit from WCCC. The kit is good (although somewhat pricey) and includes most of the normal stuff you need, the one thing I had to fab is the big rubber washer which plays a big role in keeping the shifter plates aligned, too bad it isn’t included in the kit as this is an obvious wear part (mine was cracked). I fabbed a spacer from a big plastic washer (from a window mechanism) and a steel washer as backing plate, also threw in an o ring to maintain at least a bit of side play. It is working good but I will have to see how it holds up.
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