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  1. Ash are you going to do the 1 inch Shelby drop , that would give a bit more room to fiddle with the towers mate.
  2. Ok nice done a lot of work around Newcastle when I was living in Sydney, good luck with your build Ash.
  3. No problems mate, If I was going to run BBF in my 70 Mach 1 I would do this mod. A lot cheaper then running coilover suspension setup, do you still live in QLD Ash?
  4. Nice looking F-truck Ash, heres a link to notching shock towers while retaining factory suspension. http://www.fordmuscleforums.com/suspension-articles/498392-notching-shock-towers.html
  5. Looks good, you blokes don't muck around.
  6. Thanks Shaun, ive just bought mine off ebay. For what I paid for it I saved a bit of coin.
  7. Has anyone used Dakota digital dash #vhx-69f-mus, in there mustang? Just after thoughts good and bad expirence, once in installed did everything work ok. Is it made in US. Cheers Jason.
  8. Good to hear Shaun, yes its been pretty hot in Brisbane. I find the humidity the killer.
  9. Thanks buckeyedemon, I can see why you had to move the nut to inside.
  10. Yeah I heard the same about seat belts, I've still got the original seat belts from my stang. I will just get mine refurbished mate.
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