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  1. Just as a point of reference, the 1970 floor pan stamping was different than the 1969 to allow extra clearance in the tunnel to accommodate the Hurst shifter option. The “bump” tunnel in the 70 can also make seat options a bit tight in comparison to a 69 as well.
  2. +1 And Street or Tracks systems are already proven on some pretty big power applications.
  3. FINALLY! The voice of reason and experience! THANK YOU!!!!
  4. Cunifer tubing is an outstanding choice for brake and fuel lines and is considered the "elite" material in the modern extreme performance and luxury car world today. Several manufacturers use cunifer tubing exclusively and many of the top-tier custom builders around the country use it daily. It is equally corrosion resistant as stainless and when polished is difficult to tell the difference between it and stainless. Unless you have a desire for the specific aesthetic appearance of stainless, cunifer is the best choice from all other mechanical perspectives (ease of flaring, ease of bending, no worry of cracking at the flare and/or work hardening, more vibration resistant, etc.) and it can be "worked" with conventional flaring tools, benders & cutters with far greater success than stainless in the average home shop. Beyond that, it's actually kind of "fun" to work with too!
  5. Those are die locator/retention tabs and can be safely trimmed off as recommended above. No worries!
  6. Clausen Z-Chrome Rust Defender is one of the best high build poly primers we've ever used. Great for locking down all your bodywork and it has a "self guide coat" feature that makes leveling panels quite easy. Once it's flat, it takes primers, surfacers, etc. really well. PPG is the standard here for everything after that.
  7. Hello all, Looking for a RH fastback quarter window latch striker. Chrome and cable condition not a big deal, but prefer something not too pitted or worn (in good, functional shape) so it can be painted. PM if you have one available and please include price. Thanks! Sven Pruett Lake Orion, MI
  8. Thanks for the response! Any bending required like Jet 445 mentioned above?
  9. Thanks for the feedback! What supplier did you go to for these? Bending trim always makes me pucker up a little. Not a fan!
  10. Wanted to reach out to those that have recent experience with the reproduction quarter window moldings that are out there. I have finally exhausted my inventory of original molding and wanted to see what the 69-70 fastback community has to say about the fit of the new stuff. Anyone have any pros/cons to share? Thanks in advance!
  11. Mike, I am curious as to which R.H. cylinder head bracket you used for your high alternator mount? Got a part number by any chance? Thanks!
  12. Hello All! I hope this note finds everyone well and safe! With some extra time on our hands, I was hoping to poll the owners of Corbeau GTS II seats to see what the general "fit, form and function" assessments are and perhaps get a few pictures of them installed (particularly in fastbacks and coupes), and any unique tweaks required. Any first hand feedback is appreciated in advance! Thanks and stay safe!
  13. Welcome! Slick Cobra for sure and congrats on what looks like a solid Mustang rescue! Interesting that your Mach has full front shock tower bracing. Does it have staggered rear shocks and a rear anti-roll bar as well?
  14. Thanks very much! Always appreciate the feedback on this never-ending project! LOL!
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