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  1. well registered on your UK forum and can see a buzzing thread about this video. I have had a message back from the bloke who posted the video, and a real good natter on the phone tonight and he seems like a nice fella who really knows his stuff as far as lighing and car electrics goes. He told me that he is based in Ramsgate in Kent and that he's recently set up the business after he was made redundant from a similar local firm after the boss was too ill to cary on and closed it down. The car in the video is actually a convertible, although I didn't notice it in the youtube video but he sent me over a few pictures of the other bits that he'd done to the car including a complete rewire and you can see that it definatly is a floppy top. AND .... the bonus for me is, that he said I can go and have a look at the car as it's still at the garage for a few more days and as it's not a huge drive away from me i'm going for a trip to the seaside armed with my Camera.
  2. Will pop over and have a look, maybe somone on there will know somthing about them :)
  3. Ive not got any yet, but he is gonna be signing up here when he's back from his hols in a few days and Will no doubt put loads of pictures up.
  4. The front side markers look really nice, my nephew has just taken on a 1969 mustang in the UK which needs full rewire after a fire, looks to be a long term project, but never too soon to start looking for bits and pieces.
  5. Was scouting around youtube and came across this, does anyone know anything about the people in it ?
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