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  1. THAT..... Is a beautiful car!

  2. THAT..... Is a beautiful car!

  3. THAT..... Is a beautiful car!

  4. i just went threw this samething order the concours hose from cj s and be done with it i had problems with hose fit to much bend belts that are hitting the hose so i ordered the hose set no problems perfect fit and dont forget the spring that goes inthe hose concours hose sets done come with that part i geuss ther not 100 % concours
  5. no not to the water pump but to the head the long bolt
  6. if your putting new glass in it there is tinted glass availble for your car i think i paid 1000 dollars for all new dark glass exept windshield is clear. looks great
  7. those will work little tip wd40 the wheel bearings but carefull when you push it it could almost go threw the wall like mine did lol
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