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  1. Changed the Oil & Filter. Only 829 miles since last Oil Change, but that was in May of 2012. Thought it was time. :-)
  2. Went to fire up the Old Girl yesterday after it had been sitting all winter. Battery had been connected to a Trickle Charger, so I thought it would be okay. Instead it was stone dead. Connected it to my regular Charger and it wouldn't hold a charge. Battery was just over 7 years old, so I decided it had seen better days and bought a new one. Installed it and the Old Girl fired right up. Took her out for a drive today and she ran great. I'm looking forward to the local Cruise Ins.
  3. I did mine without removing the Glass. Here's the Link to my installation. http://www.1969stang.com/mustang/forum/showthread.php?t=9569&highlight=jkskinsfan
  4. He got a set from me, etel64, so I don't think he's still looking.
  5. I have American Racing 14x7 Outlaw II's on my '69. I'm running BFGoodrich Radial TA 205/70's on the front, and 245/60's on the rear.
  6. Would these be what you are looking for, 69convert?
  7. The Carroll Farm Museum is having their 8TH Annual Surf & Turf/Summertime Fun Festival ON SATURDAY, JULY 20 FROM 2 TO 7 P.M. They are once again opening the grounds to Antique and Classic Car Enthusiasts to showcase their cars. The first 75 cars through the gates will receive a collectable car dash plate. There is space available for up to 200 cars and you will need to arrive at 12:30 P.M. Car Passes will be given out at GATE #4 to each car and are good for admission for two adults. Coolers will be allowed, but no Alcohol is permitted to be brought onto the grounds. The Knights of Columbus will be selling beer as a fundraiser for a very reasonable price.
  8. I did mine with KRYLON FUSION Satin Black. That was a year ago. So far NO PROBLEMS.
  9. IMHO you can't go wrong with either one.
  10. 351W, 2bbl, FMX, 2.75 : 1 Rear axle. Completely Stock. In the nearly 4 years since I've had tags on it, I've driven it 3,377 miles, used 242.66 gallons of gas. The lowest MPG per tank was 11.51, and the highest was 16.80. The total average is 13.92 MPG.
  11. Hi, Sidthing. I believe there are two sizes for a car with a 9 inch rear. When I was ready to rebuild mine I ordered 10 x 1.75 Shoes which is what CJ's said were correct for a 351 2bbl car. When I disassembles the brakes I discovered that my car had 10 x 2's on it. For what it's worth, CJ's also said that the front shoes should be 10 x 2.25 for the fronts but mine were 10 x 2.50. So IMHO it could take either size depending what was available when your car went through the assembly line. If you still have the Drums, just measure the diameter and depth and order the shoes accordingly. Hopes this helps.
  12. Here's how mine sounds. 351W, 2bbl carb. Completely stock. FlowMasters with 2 1/4 inch pipes. Standard exhaust manifolds.
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