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  1. Pulled off the power steering pump that was weeping fluid from the pressure line hole through the housing and put a small bead of head gasket sealer. No more leaks. Adjusted timing and choke for a little better idle and then the accelerator pump to get rid of hesitation.
  2. I went with factory rebuilt from Chockostang. With the new bushings, better suspension and everything else it drives like a dream. Only leak I had came from the pump pressure side but I put a bead of head gasket seal on it under the nut that butts up against the housing and it is gone. I like the road feel and drivability.
  3. Interested in this. I have a C4 so I’m guessing it is more complicated
  4. Did some interior work today. Touch up on original parts. I have new seat covers and door panels on the way.
  5. I have a stock 302 now. I may go to a 331 in the next year with an AOD. These will work with that. Don't see the need for long tube and clearance issues. I know these have worked in many applications and I did not want a hassle. Wheels and tires are: Coker Magnum 500 15x7 front, 15x8 rear Cooper Cobra P235/60 R15 in front, P245/60 R15 in rear You can see it here:
  6. Just took off my door panel on driver side. This is what I saw inside. It looks like there was some sound proofing sprayed in and a piece chipped off and revealed rust. Is this correct. How bad do you think this is?
  7. Fitment was great. I had to pass the drivers side up from under the car because of the brake booster being in the way and you have to tighten spark plugs 7&8 with a wrench attached to the spark plug socket but other than that it was easy.
  8. New plugs and headers installed. Now to get to the muffler shop.
  9. I got my old exhaust manifolds off. They were leaking and I thought the passenger side was cracked until I got them off. Turns out that the collector gasket was bad. No matter. Going to install the DBA shorties.
  10. Working on the old exhaust manifold bolts and the driver's side came loose with a little elbow grease. The bolts on the passenger side are loose but the three studs (2 in front and 1 in back) are, shocker, stuck. I don't want to remove the engine so I am going to try and heat the manifold with a torch and see if that will free the bolt. I'll have one of my kids standing by with the extinguisher.
  11. I'll be pulling mine off because the right side leaks. I don't know where until I get them off. Ping me if you still need a left one.
  12. Good Luck, but this cements my decision to say with my fixed seat.
  13. Some of my best part finds have been on this forum including a rear quarter extension and the bracket for power steering cables.
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