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  1. Wow, you have a hott girlfriend, I mean Car, ok both. Very nice paint, love the color. Mean looking car/cars!
  2. Wow, you have got one heck of a project. But it is a vert. One of those full pans would be sweet for your car.
  3. I am in Kenai. Got the drivers side quarter welded on now, will have pics soon!
  4. Nice ride. Mustang and helicopters I like it! Clean looking car.
  5. Very nice looking mustang! I like the shaker a lot, I need to find one!
  6. Very nice find! I love 4-speed cars. Got any plans for it?
  7. Here is a picture of the new taillight panel installed. Didn't take any during the process though. Also got the rear spoiler all set up! Had to do some mods to the new dynacorn quarter panel. It didn't "kick up" so that the flanges met where it needs to be spot welded. This is where the quarter mets the trunk floor drop-off. A couple of slits cut, a little bending, some welding and a little grinding and it now matches the factory quarter. Getting close to welding it on! only had it on and off about 40 times. Don't worry the door is on and was aligned, aswell as the taillight extention before I cut the old quarter off.
  8. Looks sweet! Cant wait to see this thing with some color on it!
  9. Welding the new trunk floor and rear tank support in. Another shot of the trunk floor and the ugly taillight panel.
  10. How much, do you know if it works and do you have any pictures? Thanks
  11. Here is some of the trunk floor and wheelhouse replacement
  12. Loaded up and ready to go to blasting. After it was blasted and in a primer wash. Taking her home. And back in the garage! After blasting found some bad spots that were not seen before but not as bad as it could have been.
  13. Not a bad write up. Still tossing the two around. I am going to order a complete built motor, not looking at building it, but am not going to worry about it untill sheetmetal, bodywork and paint are done. 408w sounds sweet.
  14. Well what was not rusted through was covered in rubberized undercoating. So don't really know what color. I have been following your tread closely, it has been very helpfull, lots of great ideas and paint info. My plans are to build a fun driver, but at the same time I want to do it right and detailed. And I am going to steal your subframe connectors! Will do. Photos have some catching up to do, to get to where I actually am in the progress.
  15. Built this, with no room in my little garage it is nice to be able to turn the car on its side or upside down! show the ugly Getting ready for blasting!
  16. Plans are to take it all the way down. Going to add spoilers, slats and shaker. 4-speed car w/ 302. looking to go 347 stroker. And keeping the orange for sure!
  17. For my first post I will share with you my 1970 "fastback" project. Start of the tear down!
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