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  1. I have never seen anyone do their console up like yours but I like it. Wishing I had one in mine.
  2. Got both toe boards finished up and replaced the cowl with a new one!
  3. Got both toe boards finished up and replaced the cowl with a new one!
  4. Yeah that is one of those $3.97 specials from thr local hardware store. It is really sweet light for the price, it has 24 leds out the front and 3 out the side, with a magnet and foldaway hook.
  5. Drivers side torque box welded ground down -no pics- Drivers firewall toe board extension welded in and ground down.
  6. Not much new on the car. Almost got drivers torque box in. Found out that it cost about $100 to get a Piece of metal drilled out of ones eye! Got some new goggles and shield, F glasses!
  7. Very nice, I like the stand you built for it. Bet that makes it real nice to work on!
  8. Yeah those deals don't last long. Seems like every time i call on one "it just sold"
  9. Got one side all welded in and ground down. Also replaced kick panel fresh air vent metal.
  10. I would like to hear a little on this mill also, cant believe nobody has anything to say!!
  11. What paint codes did you use on the pineapple? It looks so real.
  12. I have been fighting these cheese 1-piece torque boxes. (not recomended) Getting close to welding it in. I have been bummed about these boxes but this brought me back up. 34" trout back from the taxidermist!! :thumbup: almost a 3 footer.
  13. Nice lol this thread should be moved to the drinking section.
  14. After getting home from work I checked out my numbers vin tag says 136298 and both fender/shock towers say 132298.
  15. Mine do not match either. The vin number and apron number are off by 4000. But car looks to have all factory spot welds and no signs of ever being changed? weird.
  16. I got the "HD version" from NPD 114-6rh and lh. Canadian I guess. I am cutting mine up to make them fit.
  17. Wish i read this before i bought the 1-piece POS boxes. They really do suck! They are not even all there. No flange on bottom for rocker and same thing on the top bewteen the toe board and frame. Guess they are fine if you like spending 20 times longer working on something.
  18. Someone needs to reproduce a factory 69-70 tach. Thats all i have to say about gauges!
  19. I like easy! The torque boxes and toe boards will be replaced then 1 piece floor goes in. That will be a good day!:thumbup:
  20. Quarters came out pretty good, now it's on to the front, going to take cowl out next.
  21. Looks very nice! I like the threaded inserts and crazy filter.
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