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  1. The only clearance I am really worried about is for the z-bar
  2. I would be looking at full length, 425hp, heads are aluminum pro comp, stock steering, stock power brake set-up. The car had a set of headmans before restore but they are rusted out.
  3. Looking to buy some headers for my 70 with 347 and toploader 4-speed. Will be going 2.5" exhaust system. Want quality ceramic coating. Any opinions? Thanks
  4. Thank you It is rewarding to finally see how much all the prep work is paying off when it comes to assembly. Everything has been blasted and painted and most all of the hardware is new so that makes it nice. Also thanks for the heads up on the cables, guess I will have to see when I get there.
  5. Got the steering column and rear end put together.
  6. Do you have a picture of them installed, would these be what came on the boss cars?
  7. Here is a picture of where the holes I drilled for the "Shelby drop"/ UCA drop came out on the back side. I used a couple 1/2" washers that where the right thickness and cut them to fit, then welded.
  8. Yeah that is my 3rd row seating option, its pretty rare! made my own templates. Got the rubbers mounted! They need washed.
  9. Getting close on the body work. About ready to start scuff and seal. The new sheet metal fit pretty good, not a whole lot of work to do there. Just picked up the tires i will be using, so now it is time to mount them up. I am excited to see that! Also looking at doing the "shelby drop" mod. Anyone with some good info or tips on that?
  10. Looks pretty clean. It will look awesome in black! Nice find
  11. Lol yeah the dust is great! I had All kinds of plans on hanging plastic so I wouldn't get dust on everything but to late now. I also thought I would be alot further along by now but things kept coming up and plans changing. Got a new hood, cowl grill and deck lid showing up tuesday.
  12. I haven't posted in a while because I have been going through the very enjoyable process of bodywork. Here is just a quick shot but more will follow as things are about start happening again.
  13. windshield stamp. (Carlite) Bottom of glass in very middle. (0.267) Drivers side at bottom. (0.275) Divers side at top. (0.2715) Top side in middle. (0.272)
  14. Will try to remember to bring my micrometers home tomorrow and get some measurements. Mine is a 70. Not 100% that it is original but will measure it.
  15. Thanks guys, I just wanted to make sure, both doors are the same way so I asume it will be fine. I just do not want an obvious low at the door gaps.
  16. My last post was worded a little weird, but I am really just wondering if I was to put a straight edge on just my door running front to back should the door be Straight or have a slight arch to it?
  17. Does anyone have pics of the door gaps from an above angle. I do not have anything to compare it to so i am concerned with the contore where the door meets the quarter. If I were to put a straight edge on it should it be straight? Both of my doors, one being original and one repop seem to have a bow to them like they are high in the middle and angle in towards both the front and rear so there is a slight low spot at the gap. Thanks for any help
  18. Looks nice! Did you sleeve the inside of the frame rail?
  19. Well not too much. Life has been very busy since about June and is just now getting back to a normal pace. I got married in July to a babe who loves cool cars and mustangs lol, then a honeymoon in Mexico, then been busy at work, and building a shed so I can clean the garage. So I am just now getting back in mustang mode. I am working on panel fit and gaps. Would like to have it painted by the end of the year but the end of January is more realistic.
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