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  1. We are changing from A/C to non A/C. I bought a complete box on ebay and freshened it up. I bought a new blower motor from Oreiley Auto Parts. It was around $20 with lifetime warranty. I planned to use the original A/C motor, but they are much different. I believe you can get the cage and switch aftermarket from NPD or similar but mine came with both.


    Keep up the great work. I love seeing the progress from DIY owners with a passion for what they are doing!


    Thanks for your reply. I have since got a new heater box and heater core from npd. I also found an original setup which I robbed the blower motor/fan/resistor and heater controls. I have also made a new pigtail extension for the wiring. So it is all ready to go now.

  2. Well I haven't posted in a while because back in June I dislocated my elbow and haven't been able to work on the car (about 6 weeks). Since I have been able to use my arm again I have been busy working on the car most every night. I installed the motor and trans as one with the new hedman headers. It all went in no problems it was tight but no scratches! Got all of the brake lines and hoses in and the system is full and bled. When I welded in my one piece floor I forgot the bracket for the parking brake cable so I have included I picture of my fix. I just welded it up to some angle to bolt to the frame rail. I have also installed my heater box with new heater core!







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