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  1. i might have to hit you up for your services. I just pulled my underdash harness out and it needs some love. Great to know you're here.
  2. awesome, thanks a lot.... I might have more of these threads coming up. As i go through all my stuff, i keep finding odds and ends items like this.
  3. i have been rummaging through boxes trying to organize stuff, and i came acorss an engine box. These are the brackets that i think are for the AC ? Any help?
  4. awesome, thanks a lot. For that kind of money you might as well just get a new center link.
  5. i a interested in this also....I currently have a PS setup, but everything is shot in it. Is the difference in the center link and like mentioned above, do you HAVE to replace the gear box?
  6. Too much of the non repopped metal is gone. walk away unless you can get if for $200
  7. Ran the rear brake lines lastnight Put on the dust shields and rotors, ready for shocks and springs - i also started to prep the steering links to be installed. Quick picture of the trunk cut in and the fuel tank in place.
  8. Took some soaking, but i got the carrier cleaned up, and painted (this was before I installed the snubber mount and Yoke) Replaced the wheel seals and bearings, which wasn't too bad. I picked up a 12 ton press to do the job. It was cheaper than paying someone else. I also ran all the fuel lines and dropped in the fuel tank for some mock up. I want the car to appear correct (undercoat over spray on rails) but i am not going 100% concours. Not the best pic, but the lighting sucks and its a camera phone: First time the wheels have been under the car in over 2 years!!!!!
  9. Made it out to the garage for about an hour and a half last night. Fired up the heater and did some painting. Finished the underside of the lower control arms I took a flap wheel to the axle housing, cleaned it all up, primed and painted it satin black Next up will be to clean the carrier, paint it, and then clean up the mess i made in the new garage...
  10. yeah, i did not go heavy on the rotor surface. That is to keep it from getting rusty while the car sits. It could honestly be two more years before the brakes are ever used.
  11. I got some time in on the car lastnight. I cleaned, primed and painted the spindles, Rotors and lower control arms. Satin Black Busted off the strut rod bushings and got the new ones out for install I need to run a die over the thread on my strut bars before they can be installed. Seam sealed up the trunk. Its hard to see but there is texture to it. I'm going to go over it lightly with a spray style coating for a more original look. And I installed the upper control arms and started to route the pre-bent fuel lines. Not pictured, but I am still cleaning up the rear end and carrier for paint. Then i can put it all back together and roll it under the backend.
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