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  1. Not an easy part to get.But if all else fails you can try places like west coast classic cougar as these cars use the same as mustangs i believe.
  2. Yes.Its a great colour Ridge Runner.Definately use it mate.
  3. With all the checks out the way i got to drive her home. Just a couple little fixes to do and it still needs to be lowered.Some pics to follow soon.
  4. Last week the car went in for its ID check. It was booked in for the roadworthy test the next day and passed both with no issues at all.Phew, good to get the legalities out of the way.The ID check was nerve racking even though i pre checked its status.But what was even more nerve racking was showing the Mrs the final bill for work done.I was looked after pretty damn well by the team at Image Classic Cars so no complaints here. Today i get to pick it up from the workshop and bring it home.On the to do list is Club rego, Fix the temp guage in the dash and lower it. Pics to follow later on.
  5. Sorry Ash i got my wires crossed mate.It wont be aired next Monday but coming up soon. When i know i will give you the heads up.
  6. Hmmm I would like to have a rummage around your garage Ridge Runner lol. You should put it all on ebay or try and sell some stuff on these forums.Thats if your selling that is.
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