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  1. Complete 69/70 front end and steering for sale. Spindle to spindle and up to steering wheel. Here are all the include parts: • Unisteer power rack and pinion WITH pump and lines • TCP adjustable coil overs • Flaming River polished steering column with tilt (U-joints included) • OEM upper and lower control arms • OEM strut rods with polyurethane bushings • 69 drum spindles with MustangSteve brakects • 2010 Mustang GT front disc brakes (calipers, bracket, pads and rotors) • 2012 Mustang Boss 302 stainless steel braided hoses Prefer to sell as a kit. Will only part out if I find a buyer for all parts only bc I am upgrading my current car and don't want to have it disabled while I part out. $2,500 takes all.
  2. what are you going to do with the other lights on that panel? you will just leave them unused i assume? i remember seeing pictures but could not find the product number, of a panel just like that but only came with turns and brights. the black and grey sport r seats will go better with your interior i feel back you have silver on the cluster and clock insert. did you buy the carpets yet? they sell a black carpet with grey floor mats in them already. i personal feel like interiors shouldnt be more than 3 colors. i tried to make all my interior match as much as possible. my friend has an interior shop and he is redoing the panels in the rear. they are going to be black vynol wrapped and he is making custom wood panels to match the door panel inserts. lol now that the car is done i am on the same allowance type deal. i already purchased the coil overs so now all i have left is to build my trunk. i am going to build a trunk with 2 subs i got from a friend. i will hook the subs up but turn down the power going to them as low as i can go. i am going to wrap everything in either black carpet or vynol i am not sure yet.
  3. awesome this is perfect. i did the same thing on my original setup but i used 2 solid green LEDs for turns and 1 solid blue LED for brights. this is exactly what i am going to buy. and the price is cheap too. now i have to pull my dash apart again... i am not sure if its the short throw shifter (Steeda Tri-Ax) or the bad tranny rebuild, but its not the best i driven. the shifting feels very mechanical not smooth like a new car at all. makes for a very uncomfortable drive at times. the reach isnt as bad as it looks though. i do have to lean when i shift into 5 but its really not that bad.
  4. When did you order your cluster? I ordered mine a few months ago and it didn't have provisions on the top for turn signals like yours. I am going to have to install 3 small LEDs there for turns and brights eventually. The cluster looks great that color. Throw in small accents like a matching shifter handle for the hurst and it will look awesome. Did you order your seat covers already? I only ask bc with the reg sport IIRC they sell one that is black with a silver mach 1 stripe. That will pull everything together really nice. Perfect size on the rims. I went 18x9 all around and it cost me a lot of time and money to make work. Wish I just went 17x8 at times. What rear do you have? If you do plan on having the stripes clear coated ask the body shop to spray the stripe kit and paint the same time and wet send them flush and then clear. By doing that you won't have a ridge between the black and stripe.
  5. good choice on the lizard skin. i heard it dries SOLID. really stiffens things up
  6. love the body colored export brace and monte carlo bar. the black in high gloss looks great. good to see a spoiler on a convertible. not a lot of people go with one.
  7. been following along and like everyone said before. its a shame what happened but its great to see you are pulling through and doing a great job at it too. keep up the good work and progress pics
  8. thanks a lot! With this car being my fathers last car he owned and worked on before he passed away, having it in a magazine to tell others our story means so much to me. my wife was pushing me on the whole time to keep working on the car. i can honestly say i gave up MANY MANY times and even started asking around for someone to buy it off me. she wouldnt let me do it and would come to the shop to help me so i wasnt alone working on it. i am very fortunate to have all that support from her. I have to say the two tone was her idea. we were texting each other pictures of 69 mustangs with different stripe kits and i couldnt decided between the 69 or 70 mach 1 kit. we saw other 69 mustangs with flames on it that were nice too but she sent me a pic of a 69 camaro that was 2 tone with a flame separating the colors. that gave us the idea to go 2 tone and did a lot of searching and didnt find that many mustangs with a 2 tone paint so we figured it would make it stand out that much more.
  9. There was also a lot of custom work i had done by them. they molded in the tail light extensions and when i open my trunk, the metal that the trunk lid seal rests on, they molded all that in so it looks like its 1 complete pieces of sheet metal. no one has ever noticed it when i open the trunk at shows but i know its there haha... The jade black is going to look great! the dark grey will really accent it nice, as you can tell by my setup those two colors go well together. are you going to go up and over on the roof or just the hood and trunk? also be careful with flat stripes, i hear horror stories about people getting wax on the flat areas and it will become a permanent semi gloss stain. are you getting the yearone cluster like mine or the JME? i wanted the JME but it was so expensive. i originally had 4 autometer gauges in the original cluster but i did this setup on my brothers 69 mustang too so when we went to shows it looked like we copied each other. my brother is done working on his car and i knew there was no way he would ever change his setup so i was the forced to do something. in the end i am happy i did what i did bc i like the setup. the TMI seats are cool. they didnt offer the Type R seats when i bought mine, just the Sport seats. i never knew these existed till just now. nice find. those seats with the center console will really modernize up the interior. Never knew about those rims till just now either. what size rims are you getting? only complaint i have about my rims is that in 18s they didnt offer deep dish. the website said they did so after i ordered them and opened the boxes up i was a little let down. with my rims its either people LOVE them or they hate them and say the car needs "deep dish chrome rims". i never get the in the middle, "they are ok" response from anyone. engine and tranny installed or just the tranny? the way you worded that i am not sure. my tranny was a nightmare. i had a "clutch clatter" that went away when i pressed the clutch. perfect example of a bad input shaft bearing. my friend told me to pull the tranny and he will rebuild it. he takes 4 weeks and tells me he found nothing wrong at all and cant get the shift forks back. he gets it back but together but now the shifter is extremely hard to get into any gear and no reverse. i install the tranny and start it back up. what do you know the exact noise is still there. i pull the bellhousing and find out the pressure plate it rubbing the inner bellhousing. kinda weird since the noise went away when i pressed the clutch. grinded the bellhousing and reinstalled, noise gone. then i paid to have a tranny shop fix the shifter problem. they did the best they can but no i have a small leak from the tranny and its still tough to get into gears. when the weather is warmer i will drive it there and have them do something. never ends....
  10. i got a universal 3pt kit from ebay for around $89. do a search for BMW 3pt thats what i used. i worked for BMW so i was familiar with their products. its all the same as any other universal kit you get but i knew the BMW one had the correct "sequence" of parts i needed. we need a kit that goes in this order to work: Retracter > upper roof mount > male clip > floor mount i was giving a kit for free and it had the roof mount and male clip switched and it didnt work bc that setup is meant to be when the retracter is above head.
  11. I had pictures taken a few weeks ago for a magazine. The mustang and my story will be a feature in an upcoming issue of Modified Mustangs & Fords. They told me that while they were doing the photo shoot the magazine was already done working on Aprils magazine so it will take over 6 months till they can get my car in there, if not longer. I dont know for sure if it will be on the cover or not but it will be the featured car of the month so i will have about 4-6 pages of coverage. I will keep you guys updated on when the car will be printed.
  12. What mods are you looking into doing with yours? I just purchased the TMI coilover conversion. It's just the shock/spring upgrade not the complete front end one. weather has been freezing here in NY so i havent been able to get around to it. i got the complete body work and paint done for $4,500. thats really cheap for the amount of work they had to do, they had the car for 2 months. the shop owner was a friend of a friend so i got a break on the price. it took them 3 weeks of just sanding/blocking to get the car perfect. i lucked out. i was quoted from other shops for about $8,000-$10,000. keep in mind these are NY prices and seem to always be higher than most other states.
  13. updated pics here is my car board i made
  14. Nice build so far, def subbed. One thing I would have loved to change on my car is put a coyote in it. Always next time...
  15. Thanks for all your guys compliments, words of encourgement and other build logs. I can't even count how many times I was about to throw in the towel but when I looked at other build logs and saw people transform their cars it made me push that much harder. The interior still isn't finished which is why I didn't post any pics up yet. I got the 05 mustang console in and the ebrake fully functional but the gap between the console and lower dash is 3" so I am having a filler piece made up. I bought the Shelby pod but it won't fit there so on the drivers side under the dash area where the dash and the center console meet (forgive the bad explanation of its location haha) I am having a custom gauge pod made up to hold the 2 gauges that are in the Shelby pod. They will be angled kinda like the custom a pillars that have the gauges in them. After that I am custom mounting the 3 point seat belt under the rear quater panel insert and making a smaller version of the deluxe door panel insert and slapping in on there to match the front doors. Hopefully this will be done in 2 weeks. I am so tired of working on this car lol.
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