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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking for a driver's side stainless steal quarter window channel. It's for a '69 coupe and it's the trim that goes between the door glass and rear quarter glass. Thanks.
  2. I think they are, I'm not completely sure though. I was going off of the info here:http://www.1969stang.com/mustang/forum/showthread.php?t=2212&highlight=rear+window+trim The area around the window that the steel '69 trim covers is pretty rough and will need some lead work to fill in. I think I found a set, no fasteners though. I've searched for them online and haven't found anything. So I guess we'll see if it'll fit, if not I'll probably just fill in the vinyl texture on the original trim. And Marc, if you have the clips and are willing to part with them I would buy them off of you. Thanks.
  3. Hey guys, We're finishing up the bodywork on my '69 coupe and I was wondering if anyone has or knows where to get a set of the stainless trim (and the clips) that surrounds the rear glass on a '70 coupe? I would also trade the '69 steel trim. Thanks.
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