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  1. I too have a 69 mach1 with stock power disc. I experienced the same issue after I replaced EVERYTHING the last time. I’ve read other posts for power disc cars that were experiencing the same. Much focus is on the proportion & distribution block valves. Since the brakes worked before the rebuild, I never paid them much attention. Mine were pretty gummed up even though the system bled beautifully. I rebuilt those as well. That took care of the problem.
  2. I use to go to the the parts store to press bearing on and off. None of the places I called have presses anymore. A couple of them don’t turn drums/rotors either. My neighbors hf press wasn’t tall enough to press them off. I found a 4x4 shop that would do it. Fortunately it’s not something I will probably ever need again.
  3. Oh ya that’s spot on. The sizes are perfect and polished is a must. Now I have to wrestle between those wheels or a traditional crager look. That should give my silver jade the pop it needs.
  4. Kyle. Can you post some more views of your car/wheels. It looks like what I’ve been thinking about but haven’t seen many examples.
  5. Hope someone can help. There are two brackets welded on each end Mine are rusted badly. . I need to fabricate new ones but I don’t know what they look like. Can anyone shoot me a pic?? TIA
  6. I may be wrong but I thought I was told Eaton was the oem manufacturer.
  7. The memory fails and I evidently didn't take a pic. Anyone have a photo showing the route of the factory fuel line. lots of info on efi and or earlier cars but not having any luck. TIA
  8. I got them off Amazon I think , there used for trailer leveling
  9. I used a laser level to establish a datum line and measured from there according to the factory specs. I used screw jacks for micro adjustment. 8 points. Worked good.
  10. Midlife is correct. Sorry I wasn’t clearer. Anybody done this?
  11. Hey, I'm at the wiring stage. Does anyone have an idea of how much and sizes of the split braided wire sleeve I would need to order? TIA
  12. I can’t believe I read the whole thing.... after the first couple posts, it went downhill fast.
  13. I’m at that stage. Are you after rust prevention, sound reduction or heat reduction. It’s very different. Few products do all three well. If you’re going for original there’s products for that but if you remove it I wouldn’t think that’s what you want.
  14. I’ve asked that question before, they just like they would flow better. But evidently the stock manifolds flow best.
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