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  1. Bit of an update, side windows in, central locking in, head unit in, almost finished wiring.
  2. Thanks but need to know where what each wire does? I’m replacing a gm style switch with the original one
  3. Hi all, would someone have the wiring diagram for the headlight switch please or point me in the right direction thanks paul
  4. Converting mirrors to power, used Toyota Corolla motors with a little modification, still have to get mirrors cut
  5. headlight buckets assembled, inner trims repainted and polished, just waiting on chrome trims then I’ll fit. Seatbelt brackets made and fitted, rear retractor mounts were challenging
  6. They are from vintage leds, https://www.vintageleds.com/store/p9/64.5-70_Reverse%2FAmber_Turn_Lights.html , they are original casings, I fitted their led park light/turn signal board,
  7. Hi mike, Sorry for the delay, here is the paint code , it is a standox paint code Platinum silber 865608 formula id 4821643 it is a Porsche colour hope this helps, it is a very nice color that has depth, mine has been flow coated which makes it look much better
  8. Hi, I will post when I have it wired, at present they are only fitted in place, if I get some time I’ll try a dummy wire up to show
  9. Thanks, can’t tell you how long it took to settle on it, but am happy with it
  10. Im thinking of changing mufflers to glass packed ones, resonators will help but not that much, I found it helped more with drone and bark rather than quitening the note, mine has euro4 cats on it as well, thinking of putting spirals in there to start and see what it sounds like
  11. Yep, 20” at the rear, With flow master 44 Mufflers, twin 3” ,little on the loud side thou
  12. Little modification to the reverse lights, fitted vintage reverse/turn led inserts, turned out well
  13. Started to put her together, things that should be simple turn into a major job. Patience and breathing8-)
  14. Hi all, has anyone fitted rear retractable seatbelts to a 69/70 fastback? If so what belts and brackets and where are the retractors mounted? Thanks
  15. She came home today, Tucked away safe, now for the assembly process
  16. Flow coating finished, just blackout on the bonnet to go, then she comes home
  17. Not sure, no markings on it and the guy I got it off couldn’t remember, only needed a little tweaking thou
  18. He was a little nervous when he first started but he nailed it
  19. A few more from yesterday, now it’ll sit for a week before rub back and flow coating
  20. Here’s a few more progress pictures from Wednesday, it’s moving along quicker than expected. Meanwhile I’ve been sourcing bits and pieces to put it back together, amazing how many parts and how quickly it adds up.
  21. Thanks , thought they may have been, thought I’d ask before cutting off
  22. Hi all, roof skin has been replaced, but it’s been a long time, I’ve forgotten if these tabs are relevant, There’s one on each side,or do I just cut them out? I’m thinking they may be for the skin to be positioned in the dies? cheers paul
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