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  1. Welcome to the site! Exact placement depends upon where your car was built (Dearborn) and when. There's a lot of discussion on this subject over at concoursmustang.com - give those guys your build date and they can probably post some pics close to the way yours looked from the factory. There's probably somebody here with a nice '70 Dearborn build that could post up some pics to get you started.
  2. Everything that comes on a boat from China is backed up these days. Might try calling Scott Drake direct or hit up the smaller parts suppliers?
  3. Ahhh, so you're saying running out of gas can burn up your harness!! It's good to learn new things at my age. Now what are these "points" things you're talking about? J/K, I really did learn something new. Nice explanation, and I'm kinda surprised it doesn't happen more often.
  4. It looks like the concours correct look-alikes are backordered everywhere but looking at NAPA, Rock Auto, and Advance Auto they all list replacements in stock. They won't look correct but should work until you can locate a correct one. You might try your favorite local auto parts store.
  5. Nice. That's about what I get in my 2011 Mercury Mariner daily driver without as much style :)
  6. I finally pulled the ancient psychedelic etched windshield out of the vert and got a new one delivered from NPD (who I'm sure could get in the Guinness book of world records for the amount of packaging they used). Waiting for a nice warm weekend to put it in -- I've got heat in the garage but being a purist and all...and spring is, um, springing here anyway. Seeing the motorcycles and classic cars coming out of hibernation. No corned beef but plenty of cabbage and potatoes.
  7. @Caseyrhe and @v8ford70 are still active on the forum, you may want to try PM-ing them.
  8. It's a great idea - Dodgestang tried for years and finally gave up. Seems like the next guy always has a different wheel/tire/suspension setup than the last guy so it never ends.
  9. Congrats. Just so you know, the reason that one was pricy is it comes with the illuminated switch option. This only came with the visibility group option package and not all (or even most) Mustangs got it. It should plug in to your existing harness and your switch will light up with the parking lights. Keep us posted on the build! Oh, BTW, I like the Boss 351 poster on the garage wall :)
  10. Nah, the boonies have Greyhound stations :)
  11. Thanks, Bob. That pic almost makes my hack paint job look nice :)
  12. No problem. Good luck, a little buffing and those should work. Report back on the fit if you can.
  13. Well, I looked through my big box o' paper tonight and couldn't find a receipt for them. More than likely I picked them up at a swap meet a long, long time ago It looks like Scott Drake is the only supplier these days and like you said, they get mixed reviews (I looked). I don't think mine were Scott Drake but I really can't remember and I guess it doesn't matter anyway. Sorry I can't be more help. I guess you could re-chrome some OEM, or go stick-on, or take a chance on a $16 set that might be crooked.
  14. It's been several years, I will look tonight to see if I have any record of when and where I bought them. Pretty sure they are.
  15. My original set was relatively nice but they needed new chrome. After looking into the cost, I went with a repro set with pins (not the stick-on kind) and was pleasantly surprised. All the pins but one lined up well with the holes in the deck lid. I worked the one that didn't fit with a file and it worked out well. Something you may want to look into, as a really nice set of originals may be hard to find. Not the best photo but here they are...
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