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    Rich Ackermann

    My new 1970 M-Code Mach 1 Project

    It's been awhile since i updated all on my project. I spent a lot time on the electrical, the stereo, and the rear fold down seat, and dash components recently. Also, was waiting on my engine builder to get the engine done. Well the engine is back and I dropped it in. Was thinking I had an issue with the valve cover making contact with the brake booster and the Sanderson shorty headers hitting the CPP GM style steering box. Today I installed the tremec tko 600, billet steel fly wheel,, Quicktime bell housing,, Kevlar clutch with a hydraulic clutch that I bought from MDL. It went right in and all my clearance issues and concerns vanished now that the engine was level. What a relief! Furthermore, I had installed an Edelbrock Air Gap intake, which everyone told would not work with a shaker because the intake is too high. So, I decided to use a 428 air cleaner base which along with 351W has a lower profile, but also has a different offset. Well I can happily say I don't have a height issue and I just clocked the 428 base to align the distributor concave area and re-drilled the holes in the top to straighten out the scoop. I have to fabricate a offset plate to properly seal the base to the top (plenum), since the plenum is shifted forward about an inch forward over the base. The offset plate is an easy thing to do next up, wire up the Holley sniper and Hyperspark distributor and Ignition. Finish assembling the front end of the motor, and grill/bumper, exhaust, and interior. Finally the windshield and driveshaft. Then it should be road test ready. The last pic shows a good shot up from underneath the driver's side header, where you can see the clearance with the steering in and further up daylight between the valve cover and the booster.
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    Mach1 Driver

    CORBEAU seats for 69

    That looks like a guy sitting there with his hands on his head, with a headache ;) Now try to get that image out of your head.

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