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    My doctor and I are avid readers, and email each other about good books we’ve read. Well, in today’s conversation I related how I was restoring my old Mustang. He’s a doctor, not a car crazed Mustang addict, so please excuse him for not knowing they came out in 1964.5. Here’s his memory: I have to tell you a very interesting story about Mustangs. It came out in 1963 or 64 if I recall, anyway, I was 3 or 4 and my Mom and and Dad and I were sitting watching the bunny eared black and white TV, and the first commercial came on for the NEW FORD MUSTANG. Well, and I remember this clear as day, after the commercial was done, my Dad got up and went into the kitchen, which was out of our line of sight. We hear the dial phone...shhhh click click click shhhh click click click, hear my Dad talking for about five minutes, then he comes back into the living room and sits back down. My Mom asks "What did you just do, Bob?" to which my Dad replied, "I just called Detroit and ordered that car on TV." No kidding. My Mom just said "Oh, OK". She was used to my Dad doing crazy stuff with cars, he loved them and owned about 20 different ones over his life. So, it got delivered, a white hard top three on the floor, and we had the first Mustang in lower NY state. I still remember that thing, we took a trip down to Florida in it, the three kids crammed in the back sitting on suitcases...what a blast. So I have very fond memories of the old Mustangs. It was a beast.
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    My Son Mike's 69 Mach 1 Restoration

    I quit and ran my own company for almost 20 years. We specialized in robotics and industrial automation (hence the call sign Robotman). Sold the company and retired in 2014. Been working on cars with my teenage boys since.
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    PPG Primer and Single Stage Black Satin

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