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    As far as I know, head rest that moves up and down was standard on 69.
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    It is gold and black. The black is reflective in the light. TJs is a small shop but very effective in getting what you need.
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    I have 2 garages at my house, the upstairs one, where the proper cars are, and then the downstairs garage that my wife calls the "black hole". My other garage is a 22 foot enclosed car trailer where my '68 Mustang currently sits until I get the '70 done. It is a great place to hide all kinds of stuff like firearms, cool tools that she won't understand, fishing gear, and tons of car parts. I also have a bunch of vintage Shelby art n the garages and my office, like the poster on the left with the blonde Shelby Gal with the Cowboy hat..... I tell her it is just some vintage "advertising"... "yeah right" is the response... Thank God for the haven of the man-cave.....
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    This is a shame, the place where hot-rodding started. John Milner is rolling over in his grave....
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    My Son Mike's 69 Mach 1 Restoration

    In Horse Pasture, just west of Martinsville. We are about 10 - 15 minutes from the Martinsville Speedway.
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    Ridge Runner

    Hey Batter, Batter

    Well, i do throw them in the right direction ,its not my fault if they dont land in the tool box ,i like to think of them as free range tools !

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