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    Kudos To Randy At MidLife

    You're more than welcome. It is often that another set of eyes/mindset can troubleshoot things better than the one experiencing the problem. The main reason why I am on this and other forums, as well as my wiring refurbishment business, is that I really enjoy trouble-shooting from a distance. Having a detached perspective (e.g. a dirty mind laying in the gutter) and helping people out gives me great satisfaction out of life. That, and a good brand of whiskey...
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    I had installed small speakers inside the kick panel vents which still let me use the vents when needed. The small speakers did not sound decent so I decided to increase the speaker size while keeping them functional. So I modified the vents to mount pod I manufactured which holds 5.25" speakers. Now I have bigger speakers and vent is still functional (it does not open all the way, just about half way now). While I was covered in resin, I decided to make a pod that replaces the whole vent and let me mount up to 7" diameter speaker on my 1970 vert. You remove your vent, install this pod which acts like a cabin for your speaker). One for right side, one for left side (which are mirror images of each other). Then decided to see why the clock on the vert was not working; opened it up and found a gear had broken spindle. Does anybody have any old clock mechanism that I can use parts from, may someone who converted to quartz etc? While I was working on the vert, I decided to polish the windshield trim. the one on right is polished, the one on left not yet. As you all know one think leads to another, so while I was at it I decided to take the vert apart and restore it while changing the color back to it's original competition yellow. Looks like it is going to need some (maybe a lot more than some) rust repair/metal replacements. I will be changing it a little bit, will use modern cloth top with glass, will change the upholstery and door panel designs to vinyl/cloth and make them resemble 1980s Recaros.
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    69 clutch/brake pedal assembly

    RPM, those are real clean fingers; that means you neglecting the Mustang and not getting your hands dirty.
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    30 years of collecting crap will get you this. Built the big garage 25 years ago, took a while but its full. Added a "mezzanine" when my company moved us out of our building, let us take anything we wanted, got a lot of cabinets, shelfs, etc.
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    Power Steering Kit

    I have since sold that car but I don't ever remember having to steer it back straight, if it didn't come back dead center it was by such a small amount I never noticed it. Turning radius was just like stock box, stop to stop.
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    69 clutch/brake pedal assembly

    OMG! I hope you tightened that nut on the accessory post and used a second nut as a jamb nut! You should be reported to the wiring Gods as a derelict. *G*
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    69 clutch/brake pedal assembly

    Hope I'm not too late.
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    This is the working bay. Pictured in house remodel mode. All the crap on the floor to the right is that stuff (and my chili pot). Router on the left, table saw out, and I forgot why the welder was involved. As much as I hate to say it, the is situation normal. Too much stuff and too little room. As for tools there's an Atlas lathe and Clausing mill lurking back there I guess.

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