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    wilwood brakes or SOT Brakes

    2013-2018 ATS. Rock Auto doesn't have a core charge for those and they are brand new, whereas other more popular ones like Mustang require cores. The CTS has a different caliper for a larger rotor and won't work well with the smaller 13" rotors. I got my brackets roughed in yesterday and am making adjustments to my CAD file. I'll start a new post on this once I get things wrapped up.
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    New headers on the way

    Fitment was great. I had to pass the drivers side up from under the car because of the brake booster being in the way and you have to tighten spark plugs 7&8 with a wrench attached to the spark plug socket but other than that it was easy.
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    Which paint colour - help me decide

    Restomod = Grey/Black!
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    Which paint colour - help me decide

    I'm for blue. He is more spectacular. You can also try to help me or use it play chef. I want to start, but I don't know all the details

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