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    Paul's 69 Mach1

    A couple more
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    Brothers 69 Mach

    Ya, those center consoles can be a real pita. Sometimes wish I didn't have one. Just remember, no good deed goes unpunished.
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    Brothers 69 Mach

    Console moved back, gauge pod in place, and I didn’t even hit the brake line in the tunnel. Today is a good day
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    68 Hyland Green Fastback

    People who do this kind of work should have the tools taken away!
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    Brothers 69 Mach

    Motor went in last weekend fired it up yesterday. Cam broke in, idled down and no issues. Will get to drive it in the upcoming weeks. Have a good brake pedal until booster is hooked up, then goes to the floor. Started jacking with the proportioning valve, of course, it’s froze up. Got the rebuild kit ordered for it last night. Moved on to gauge pod for the ash tray, damn the luck. Will need to move the center console back about 1 1/2” so it will fit. Trimming it like the other 3 I’ve installed still won’t clear. Plan was to deliver it to him upon his return from NC next Sunday, since he’s clueless on the progress, but it will have to wait.
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    Here are the photos with the new LED Headlights.

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