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    Never had the occasion to replace one. This is what I got for a new 750 on ebay. You can find these in most parts suppliers, summit, jegs, cjpp, npd, etc. I'm sure if its different a little searching on the internet would get you what you want.
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    Pulled my steering wheel off to look into my horn and turn signal problems. New flasher unit fixed the turn signals. Realized the emergency flashers are on with the horn fuse. Got the fuse just as the sun set. Will start again in the morning.
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    Negative on that.
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    Smoke and Fire

    But didn't AOC say the planet only has 12 years left LOL.
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    New rack & pinion being installed. Old steering system was totally worn out.
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    I rolled a fender! Shocked that it actually worked. Kept it warm at about 100-120 and it actually came around to almost a closed hem. On to the other side, and then I'm dropping the front. ;-)
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    Took the plunge on Dakota Digital RTX. No regrets. The water temp sender, with adapter bushing, is a bit too close to the 351C alternator top bracket. The wire connector can't plug on to it. Maybe D/D has a right-angle connector version of their harness. Solution for now is to trim away much of the strain relief that is molded on to the connector. All good.

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