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    Correct Fuel Filter location

    I could be wrong but the original carbs were Autolites and they had the filter built into them. I'm far from a pro though, so don't take my word for gospel.
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    Take a listen to the sound of my 69 Mach1 351W with Flowmaster Super 44 muffllers. https://youtu.be/1x22fNFaaW0
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    Correct Fuel Filter location

    Stock was inline pump and carb. 2vs were screwed directly into carb. Using a stock puller pump place filter before carb. Using a pusher pump place it between tank and pump. good rule of thumb.
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    Correct Fuel Filter location

    I want to say the OEM filter was located at the input to the carburetor. It was a metal (brass?) fitting with a screen-type filter element inside. Maybe an inch or two long that threaded between the hard fuel line and the carb body - badically part of the carb like Redstang said (welcome to the site!). But it's been years since I looked my original 2100 and my memory is getting old. I inserted an aftermarket filter between the pump and my Holley carb years ago.
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    Sprayed the top and bottom all in one shot today :)
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    Excellent job Bigmal! Definitely not too difficult once you get it all planned out.

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