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    It's finally running :)

    So after 5 years of not having a running engine in my Mustang we finally got the new one going. Life get's in the way and before you know it time has flown by. Of course it didn't just fire right up with no problems though. 1st we had a bad coil which took a few hours to figure out. Then we had the firing order screwed up. It has a Trick Flow Stage 1 cam which complicated the matter. It would run on the Trick Flow and stock firing order, but was backfiring pretty bad. Took my son and I a day to figure out that the firing order goes counterclockwise, not clockwise, duh! It's actually my fault, but in my defense it's been 40 years since I even thought about a firing order, lol. I still have some wiring to clean up and a whole lot of body work to go, but it's a huge step for me and has me motivated to get it done. Thanks to the forum and especially Mach1 Driver for his awesome wiring diagram.
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    Can they include my ex-wife in the history erasing too then.
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    It is Time

    Tinman, didn't know this was you. I followed you home a few months ago, I was checking out the rear flip windows on your original for fitment in comparison with mine. Small world.
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    50th birthday thread

    Here's mine built Feb 24th and is now enjoying Western Australia.
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    67 fastback

    This one is heading home :)
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    69 Convertible build

    Someone likes green :)
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    OEM rear seat belts - free

    If they went to good home then I guess that's all we could really ask for. (It's like we're talking about kittens here.) :)
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    1968 Cougar

    Looks like everyone is giving our customer a run around on the tranny. He decided to just buy another new one so we can finish the car. I'm sure he will be talking to American Power Train later.

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