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    All parts gathered up back again with complete gasket kit. Engine block painted to Ford Corporate Blue.
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    Paul's 69 Mach1

    Starting to go together
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    MSD Kit arrived and applied.
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    We ripped all the engine out. Find out that the cylinder heads are in bad condition and valves need to be changed. Cylinder head rectified and new valves were ordered. Crank, pistons and combustion chamber were in good condition. New piston rings added.
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    After some test runs, we found out that clutch is not working fine. Engine has some ignition problems. And the power steering is not suitable for this vehicle. Then we decided to take the engine out to work easier in those parts. And we ordered complete MSD Ignition kit, clutch kit, BORGESON power steering kit and roti kit.
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    Interior updates started. Complete heat&sound isolation installed. Back of the seats restored. Leathers were in great condition. Added AUX in. Fixed cracks in inner fender covers
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    Front bumper lip arrived from USA. A bit of body work was done just for perfection. Also FlowMaster mufflers, x-pipe and complete custom chrome exhaust installed.
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    leave it to Ford to do stuff like this :-)
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    1. Yeah the paint won't have a huge affect but it is just as easy to buy the "right" paint and spray it on if one is painting it anyway. 2. The heat in most of Texas is nothin compared to Phoenix Arizona in the summer. 3. A 147 t stat is pointless in a street car and will usually always be open unless you have a 20 gallon rad, plus even if you got an engine to run at 147 degrees it will do far more harm than good due to premature engine wear, plus the oil will likely not get hot enough to cause any water in it to evaporate. 4. I know because I have been making engines run cool in hot weather as part of my business for over 40 years and I posted several of the differences previously. 5. Flex fans are not used anymore by any knowledgeable people I know, and they are not always a good choice since the blades flatten out at higher revs, thus greatly reducing the amount of air they can flow at higher engine rpms. Plus, the blades have been known to fly off and cut rad hoses or go thru hoods etc.
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    I have a 70 vert with glue on door glass. The metal strip and weather strip is on quarter glass. Don't know how accurate but what I found through my searches and comparing my 69 coupes, 70 coupe (with bolt on glass) and 70 vert (with glue on glass) is that, 69 coupe and vert has metal trim and weather strip on door glass. 70 coupe and vert has metal trim and weather strip on quarter glass, doesn't matter if it is glued on (early model) or bolted door glass. 69 door glass is not same as 70 glued on glass, 70 door glass is a little wider and 69 quarter glass is a little wider than 70 quarter glass. Metal trim for weather strip for 69 is not the same for 70, the weather strip that goes on it are also different between 69 and 70. Did I confuse you more?
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    Paul's 69 Mach1

    Did a bit more this week, engine bay painted, apart from a couple of runs in the clear, it turned out quite well
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    Exhaust Options - Heidts 4 Link

    Geez...I asked for advice on an exhaust system for a non-OEM setup, and I received options, isn't this what the forums are all about? Glad MTF took the time to respond, and for that, I thank them.

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