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  2. Hey, I'm at the wiring stage. Does anyone have an idea of how much and sizes of the split braided wire sleeve I would need to order? TIA
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  4. I installed Heidts 4-link w/adjustable coilovers along with a Currie 9' crate rear end. I am running 18x9 rear rims with Nitto 265/35/18. They are ~12" wide, 14" would be huge!!
  5. Doing nothing is definitely the best option. In my case my car sat in a field in Florida for years, with water collecting in the drivers floorboard that eventually caused me to replace half of the floor section. I envy the folks that have cars with the original patina that shows years of normal wear and tear...it’s only original once.
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  7. The real answer to your original question depends on what the underside it like now and where you live. I bought my 69 in 1983 in Dallas and drove it to Minneapolis. I only drive it in months of the year without an "r" in the spelling: May, June July August. I have never touched the underside, and I would swear it has not changed in driving 100,000 miles for almost 40 years. Rust hides quite well, so it is possible I do not see it, but nothing has shown up. So just perhaps, in your case, doing nothing is the answer??? I'm just sayin....
  8. Right, or just use the alligator clip to clip it physically on the gas tank, like right at the sender or to the hard fuel line coming out of the sender
  9. I tried using a ground wire I attached to the body but it didn't seem to work. I am going to try attaching a ground wire to on of the tank's mounting bolts and see how that works. Thank you VIcfreg!
  10. If you read the instructions, VHX recommends running a ground for the gas gauge back to the gas tank. There’s a connection on their black box for that. I ran extra wires both to the front and back of my car. I ran the ground wire and used one of the gas tank mounting screws to hook a ring lug to and ground it that way. Before you go to all the trouble, just run a jumper wire with some alligator clips see if that works. There are also instructions in the VHX manual on how to calibrate your gas gauge. Good luck and let me know how it works out
  11. Just wondering how you (or anyone reading this) connected the gas gauge. I have the same kit but I'm having rouble getting the gas gauge to work. I have an original gas tank and fuel sender; connected the tan wire "fuel sender," to the signal terminal on the control module with no luck. Thanks in advance for the help!
  12. +1 And Street or Tracks systems are already proven on some pretty big power applications.
  13. Really great video, thanks a lot. I also have a C9X intake, which I didn’t use. The Edelbrock is maybe a little bit higher, but without the 5/16”spacer I should be right on with the hood scoop height. Thanks so much for posting this!
  14. @70 Mach 1 if ur experiencing what vert69 is having in the photo, you'll need a ps ram drop bracket, do not get the regular steel ones as they tend to break/bend which could damage the frame rail. I have long tubes, with a an external hydraulic clutch from Modern driveline and the drop bracket clears my headers, never seen shorty headers not able to clear the stock mount ps ram. I currently have this installed: https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/e5h21.html and had it welded in a few areas so it wouldn't flex on the frame.
  15. I see you haven't been active on this forum in almost a year, but I am wondering what you ended up doing for the exhaust? I just ordered Sanderson FC4s for my 70 Mach 1 with factory P/S and I am trying to figure out a game plan on how to best route the exhaust over the P/S ram.
  16. I used the Ford intake that was sold by the dealer back in the day. It worked great with my stock shaker setup. Check out the video. Ray
  17. I used the pump included in the kit. Which is noisy, just as noisy as my factory pump. At least fluid doesn't spray out of the filler neck like my factory pump did. Mine was from almost exactly 2.5 yrs ago.
  18. The nut behind the steering wheel? Tee hee. Thanks for the kind words.
  19. Lanky, thanks for the info. I have heard a lot of the same from other Borgeson users. My upgrade is pretty recent, in last 3 years or so. Perhaps they changed their design or something. Are you using the GM style pump?
  20. I just took a look at the trim on my car. Looks simple enough to make one or four ? Pictured is the right front wheel well /forward trim stud. Brian
  21. so we all discovered.... once again... that midlife is a genius. how many times do we have to repeat history? He always has the best advice I ever got on the 1 subsystem of the car I don't trust and don't like... Jay
  22. Hey Noah, welcome to the site. Sounds like you are building a beast. What are you going to be doing with the car, cruising, drag racing, auto cross? That might be helpful to know. Also, any time anyone asks about suspension I recommend they call and talk to Shaun at Street or Track. He is great to talk to, very knowledgeable and no pressure to buy his stuff. He will just give you the info you need for you to decide. Plus his product are top notch. I am running his front set up and disc spindles on my car. Have no complaints. Keep the updates coming and progress pics are always welcome!
  23. Just to have on forum record, I ran up to 6.5 degrees of caster on my Borgeson setup with the last 10-15% never returning to center. Very frustrating. I'm still trying to figure out what my plan is. AKA caster isn't always the fix apparently. First I ran manual steering with roller idler, return to center excellent but super high effort to steer at low speeds. Then kept the manual CL and roller idler with Borgeson.
  24. hello i have a 1969 ford mustang fastback. im currently doing a full restoration and plan on going with a 514/520 stroker engine but I "ve ran into a problem. i need some advice on a rear suspension upgrade. i will be putting deeper wheelhouses ,running a 9'' ford rear end and would like to have a 14'' wide tires on the back. do any of you have a suggestion on a 4 link suspension that will work for the planned application,thanks.
  25. I just don't understand why? I have been looking for the hardware to install my rocker moldings and none of the internet suppliers sell them separately from the moldings. I have NOS & OEM moldings, found original square clips, rivets are a dime a dozen but I really need the stud clips for the fenders. Anybody know where I can find these or complete kits? And, not for the stupid prices that some on ebay are asking for them. Thx,
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