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  2. Thanks for the sympathy guys. This person Fast Fords is obviously not a car guy. Has not made a move to help correct this situation and apparently doesn't feel the need to. These people are out there looking to make a buck any way they can off anyone they can. No remorse, no guilt just business as usual. Purolator Freight/Shipping is pretty much the same. Just in it for the money. No effort made to insure packages are correctly packed. Little caring what condition the package/item is in when delivered. Just walking away and never looking back. Their ' claims Dept ' serves only Purolator's interest and that is to deny claims. This combination of unscrupulous vendors and ' not my problem shippers ' is a shameful duo. Litigation is the often suggested remedy but who wants to get involved with that ball of crap ? Not me. So suck it up, lesson learned, and move on. Brian
  3. That’s just wrong. I am sorry this happened to you.
  4. I hear that, no rush on my end. If anything changes let me know.
  5. Going through rough times, but I couldn't get myself to sell the Mach... She's parked.. still insured and licensed.. but parked... Might get her out next year, we'll see.. I pulled the gas tank 5 years ago and the gas was still somewhat wet.. so I put it in the shed with the intent of doing something with it some day.. today was the day... here's what a full tank of leaded gas looks like after 38 years... it's dry, but still stinks to high heaven..
  6. I can give you a hard time easily enough; are you missing that?
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  8. That sucks Brian, so sorry you got taken.
  9. Looks great. Where did you get the curved tail light lens from?.
  10. I am going to run the wiring to the T-5 trans like the factory did down the outside of the firewall.
  11. No, paid by personal check at his request. The seller; Fast Fords is located in Dunnville that's in Ontario, Canada. Totally got suckered on this one. Could offer any number of excuses but the fact is I walked right into this mess with my eyes wide open. Also learned that Purolator Freight bears absolutely no responsibility for anything. At this point I am walking away. I thought I was just buying a car part not getting into some sort of protracted vendetta. Would like to get his name out there so that it might show up in a ' search ' for the next guy ? Brian
  12. I have been waiting a month for materials and do not know exactly when i will get them ,its hard to get anything right now
  13. That ain't right. Did you pay for it thru a process where you can stop/ challenge the payment?
  14. Hi Looking for 1968 1969 nos centre caps and 14 by 6 trimrings Thanks Barry
  15. Hi Do you still have the 1970 aliumum Vaulve covers for sale Thanks Barry
  16. @Ridge Runner, how much would you charge for the set? assuming you had time/inventory to make them?
  17. The only party on this transaction that did nothing wrong was you. And you’re the one getting screwed?? I hope this seller makes good. We all should take note and remember this seller.
  18. Have a short story to tell; I recently saw an ad on the SAAC site for an intake manifold. I just had to have it. I will post a picture of the ad below. Anyway I bought the intake, sent the check to the seller, Fast Fords in Canada, and waited to hear back. OK so heard back; the check cleared and the seller will package and ship. So far everything going right along. The package arrived 2000 miles later and was a joke. The 80 lb. intake was broken and cracked. The carb studs ( which should have been removed) were three broken and one bent. This guy, Fast Fords, had not spent one Nickle on shipping materials. The intake was wrapped in a sheet of cardboard a UPS logo and an old shipping label sill on it. Zero padding of any sort, carboard only and lots of tape to hold it all together ? So very disappointed I went ahead with the tiresome task of filing a claim with Purolator Shipping. So Purolator investigates themselves, ( how's that work) decides it's the sellers , again Fast Fords, poor packaging that's at fault, denies the claim and have a nice day. The seller Fast Fords thinks he did a bang up job of packing and says sorry. The real story here is that a very nice 428 intake manifold is now trash. With no options left I turned to the Forum knowing I'll get some sympathy Here? Thanks, Brian
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  20. I have some available Got them bagged I think 2 non tach 69's and I also have 65, 66 and several 68's Contact me at : bobjanhaverland@aol.com
  21. A bit of work, but frees up the engine compartment space for your digital ignition box, fan controller, etc. Make sure you adequately fuse the wiring going up front. If I were to do it again, I would probably mount the starter solenoid on the front of that black plate in back of the battery, to make it more accessible. I also considered using a remote control disconnect. Ron Francis makes one, and it is pretty slick. Also might have considered a Bosch continuous duty starter solenoid. They are a little pricey, but are rated for 24 volts at 80 amps. As you know, the Ford solenoids are not that sturdy...... If you are going racing, my method is NOT NHRA legal. That requires a push/pull switch and some other stuff. Also, If you don't use an Optima style battery, you will need to get a vent kit, and deal with that. Good luck, post some pics!
  22. That’s great work on the battery/wiring, I think you’ve sold me on relocating it to the trunk
  23. I did an "Aurora conversion" to make my original AM/8 track into AM/FM/8 track/ Blue tooth, have an AUX input, and USB input, you can talk to it and it talks back, and some other things I'm missing...like power antenna output, more power etc. Just Google "Aurora conversion" and you'll find lots of places that do it. Shop around and get references. I sent mine to a place in Prescott AZ that had it for over a year. The work was OK, but I wouldn't recommend him to anyone.
  24. With the 69 gone i decided to work on my 65 fast back . Does anyone have a upper and lower cowl they would like to sell ,also a radiator support and front cross brace .
  25. Thanks for the advice and posting the detailed photos. When I called Hurst last week they said I needed mounting kit 3738615. Just by coincidence, the bracket that comes with that kit is the same one I have for the Super Shifter that was on the transmission when I purchased it. The bracket would make contact with the mounting flange of the tail housing so would have to be cut. I still wasn't sure about the shifter mounting holes / angle so I investigated further. After examining the photos above and making some comparisons of others on the net, it looks like I need kit 3735587 which is for a big block Mustang. My transmission was out of a small block '66 Comet . It's amazing how many different combinations of Toploaders were made, plus the variety of Hurst shifters and mounting kits just adds to the joy. I'll post photos once I get things mounted.
  26. Here’s another picture of that bracket.
  27. I’m guessing it’s a manual top only part then. It’s funny that’s it’s in the drawing along with the power cylinders. Not sure if your convertible had them but my car also had 1” bell shaped seat risers in it under the seat tracks. They are factory but we’re completely unnecessary. I took them out so my seat would sit lower and I wouldn’t hit my head on the top frame.
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